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Hi Herbies! Today we have another guest post from Gin Stafford, a professional makeup artist who owns a mobile beauty studio, Edgy Elegance. Gin does makeup for weddings, special events, films and tv, specializing in high fashion, f/x and horror.

Cleanse, Tone, Hydrate/Protect: this is popular thought for how to maintain a youthful healthy complexion, however there are a myriad of products on the market for about as many skin issues, so how does one determine the proper ...

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Hi Herbies! It's me, Courtney. Earlier this week I wrote about being an iron deficient anemic. Today I want to talk about allergies, particularly black pepper. 

You may remember that I have many allergies from my interview a while ago, and one of the most difficult to avoid is black pepper. According to my allergist, this is actually a common allergy. Many people may only have mild reactions, and not even know they are allergic. 

One of the things ...

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What are rolled oats? What are steel cut oats? What's the difference between quick and instant oats? 

I get these questions about oats a lot and hopefully I can answer them here. There are 5 main types of oats, plus oat bran and oat flour.

The first type, is the whole oat or oat groat. It is the whole oat kernel with the outer hull removed. They take the longest to cook of all the oats; taking about 50 minutes, with ...

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I've heard it over and over that canned foods are high in sodium, and yes generally they are. But that doesn't mean that they are inherently bad for you or should be avoided. They can also be higher in calcium and potassium.

Canned goods can also provide variety. Up until last week, I wasn't able to buy fresh or dry black eyed peas. If I wanted them, my only option was to buy canned or frozen. It ...

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Hi, it's Courtney, Lindsay's sister. I want to talk a little bit about iron deficiency anemia. There are different types of anemia, but iron deficiency is the most common.  I was diagnosed by my doctor as an iron deficient anemic before I was ever a herbivore.  Since becoming a herbivore,  I've found that vegans are no more likely to be deficient in iron than omnivores, and a well-balanced vegan diet has plenty of iron.

Before being diagnosed, I would ...

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