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Several weeks ago, I posted about testing my pH level. Since then I've been getting questions about drinking alkaline bottled water to help reduce the body's pH level.

Having too much acidity in your body can cause extra strain, and be unhealthy causing fatigue and stress. Also blood must maintain a slightly alkaline pH level, and if it is too acidic will neutralize itself by pulling minerals out of other parts of the body.

Some people also believe that you ...

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They say variety is the spice of life, but it is also the source of life. Well, more like the source of nutrients. 

We all need nutrients to survive and help us stay healthy, and an easy way to make sure we get a lot is to eat as many colors of fruits and vegetables as possible. The colors are important, because they each have different nutrients, and the more nutrients we get the better.

There are five "colors ...

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We know soy sauce comes from soy beans, but ever wonder what else is in there too? Fermenting soy beans, grains, salt, water, and a few other ingredients  creates a paste, which when pressed produces soy sauce.

There are several different types of soy sauces, but there really are only minor differences between them.

One of the differences being if it is brewed or blended. Brewed soy sauce comes directly from fermentation, usually with no additives, whereas a blended soy sauce has ...

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A question I hear often is are frozen fruits and vegetables as nutritious as fresh? The simple answer is yes, and sometimes even more so. 

When in season, fresh is the best choice for local produce. A side note that my sister wanted me to point out, some of the local produce stands may shine their produce with oil so they look prettier.

Whether it's because of a bad crop or the roads being closed, during the winter fresh produce may ...

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I get asked about fat content in food often, about the difference between fat from calories and total fat.It is so important to understand food labels and how not to be fooled by them (such as paying attention to what the serving size is and keeping that in consideration before looking at the numbers).

First, there are total calories (all the calories that come from fat, protein and carbohydrates--the three components to all foods), calories that just come from ...

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