Alkaline Water and pH

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Several weeks ago, I posted about testing my pH level. Since then I've been getting questions about drinking alkaline bottled water to help reduce the body's pH level.

Having too much acidity in your body can cause extra strain, and be unhealthy causing fatigue and stress. Also blood must maintain a slightly alkaline pH level, and if it is too acidic will neutralize itself by pulling minerals out of other parts of the body.

Some people also believe that you won't get sick if your body is alkaline.

Water companies make claims about alkaline and or ionized water helping to boost your energy level or neutralize acid in the bloodstream, but most of these claims are not supported by research. 

The easiest way to maintain a neutral pH level is through diet, not water alone. Most people who want to maintain an level pH, eat a 60% alkaline and 40% acidic diet. Water, by itself will not do this.

The majority of people don't need highly alkaline or ionized water. If you are wondering about the pH of your bottled water, you can check out this list(note this was conducted by a company that sells water ionizers).

A home water pH tester is not that expensive, you can even purchase one from Amazon.

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