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I have no less than six recipes for "cheese" in my cookbook. 

Drum roll please: nacho cheese, cheddar cheese, quick queso, mexican queso, tofu basil ricotta and melty pizza cheese.

All of them are completely fat-free (well, except the ricotta which has a smidgen of fat naturally from the tofu) and they're instant to make! 

And although I could eat any of these "cheeses" with a spoon (and I may have done that a time or two) the quick ...

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I had a thing for Burger King's onion rings---and by "thing" I mean I enjoyed a small order almost every day for a year. (Oh, College!)

Needless to say, I felt a little deflated when I found out BK's onion rings (and pretty much all onion rings everywhere) are not vegan. I took this as a "good thing" though because onion rings are not exactly healthy and the less temptation the better... still, I found myself missing onion ...

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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, than I don't think I need a blog post about this recipe! ;-)

Thick, meaty and juicy, these burgers will kick the pants off any old frozen veggie burger! And although they're made fresh, they come together really easy--mix a few ingredients together, shape into patties and cook! (They can be baked, pan fried in a non-stick or grilled). It's so easy!

They also store well in the fridge and ...

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One cold night in December 2009, I stood in my tiny NYC kitchen wondering what I'd make for dinner that night. I had so little on hand but it was just too cold to consider going back out.

Scott asked if I could make Veggie Biscuit Pot Pie, which would have been perfect for such a bone-chilling night, but sadly, I was all out of flour. 

That's when I resolved to make a soup that tasted like pot ...

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Today I'm blogging about the Mexican Dip because it's a secret gem in my cookbook--meaning, it will probably get overlooked because of it's unoriginal name... but names are deceiving! This dip is unbelievable!

It cheesey--except it doesn't have an ounce vegan "cheese" in it. It's also allergen-free: no gluten, no soy, no corn and no sugar! (It's made from beans!)

Although I designed this dip with parties in mind -- it whips up so ...

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