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This Week's Q&A: Sharing Other's Recipes on Blogs, Workday Cleanse, Vegan Fudgesicles, High Fat Vegan Foods & Weight Loss Plateau Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

You've got questions...

Q: I would like to share some of your recipes (and recipes from other books) that are favorites of mine on my blog. I have posted one or two, giving you or them credit, of course. Before I continue with this practice, am I violating any restrictions?

A: Recipes (even those not in books but on other people's blogs) are copyrighted to them. My recipes are copyrighted to me (if they are on my blog ...

This Week's Q&A: Holiday Special Edition! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Like Thanksgiving, I get a lot of holiday-related questions from Herbies.

This year I went straight to source by asking on Facebook what questions YOU had.

Here are some of the most popular and common:

1. What kinds of HH cookies could I decorate with my little girl? I have fond memories of decorating gingerbread men and sugar cookies and would like to carry that on.

You should try the Sugar Cookies recipe on the blog. Have fun :)

2. Any ...

This Week's Q&A: Changing your life when it feels hopeless, How I got lean, Vegan living with (Unsupportive) Meat Eaters & Feeling lousy after the switch Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

You've got questions...

Q: Some of us, for whatever reason, cannot just up and change our life to do what we want. For many of us - it really is not possible - so we are left with trying to make our life matter outside of work. So I'm wondering if you can address a future blog post about this. Because when I ask myself the question - If this were the last day of my life, am I spending it ...

This Week's Q&A: Yes, I use my meal plans; Eliminating Toxins with a Cleanse; Turning Your Dream & Passion into a Career & Vegan Heavy Cream Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

You've got questions...

Q: Hi Lindsay - I was curious if you, yourself, use your meal plans. You are so fit and lovely :) that I was curious if it is something you do as well or if you eat another way. Do you use the meal plans all the time? Eat the same thing for breakfast? You get what I mean.

A: Thanks for the sweet compliments! Yes, I use my own meal plans :)

I follow them pretty exactly. I ...

This Week's Q&A: Ordering Past Meal Plans, Pasta Salad Recipes, My Workouts, Washing Veggies, and Preventing Bean Burgers from Drying Out Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ

Before I get into today's Q&A, I wanted to quickly say that today is Small Business Saturday.

As a small business owner I can attest how important each sale is to a small business. Small business owners are thankful for each and every customer they have (even if they forget to show it). A single sale can determine whether the lights stay on or go off. (I speak from experience).

If you can, please support small businesses today -- local or online. Etsy is a great place for beautiful, handmade gifts by small business owners.

I always like to remind myself that I'm voting with my dollars.

And as always, we appreciate your business! Thank you for your support!

You've got questions...

Q: Is there any way for us to get a meal plan you posted a while back?

A: Yes! If you've ever missed a meal plan or want to order a past meal plan (meaning any plan that is not the current meal plan), please email support(at)getmealplans(dot)com for help and ordering.

Many of our Herbies in Australia do "back orders" to get different seasons!

Q: Do you have a recipe for pasta salad?

A: There's a recipe for traditional pasta salad (but a much healthier version!) in HHC. There are also a few pasta dishes that can moonlight as a salad in EHH. We've also had a lot of really awesome pasta salads this summer on the meal plans, too!

Q: What do you do for workouts? You look amazing. Stronger, leaner all the time — and you're GLOWING!

A: Aww you're too sweet. The meal plans are my secret (seriously). When good goes in, GLOW comes out. My secret is my diet. No joke. It's what keeps me looking and feeling my best. Abs are made in the kitchen! But I do include workout stuff in ...


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