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Q: Hi Lindsay - I was curious if you, yourself, use your meal plans. You are so fit and lovely :) that I was curious if it is something you do as well or if you eat another way. Do you use the meal plans all the time? Eat the same thing for breakfast? You get what I mean.

A: Thanks for the sweet compliments! Yes, I use my own meal plans :)

I follow them pretty exactly. I ...

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Before I get into today's Q&A, I wanted to quickly say that today is Small Business Saturday.

As a small business owner I can attest how important each sale is to a small business. Small business owners are thankful for each and every customer they have (even if they forget to show it). A single sale can determine whether the lights stay on or go off. (I speak from experience).

If you can, please support small businesses today -- local or online. Etsy is a great place for beautiful, handmade gifts by small business owners.

I always like to remind myself that I'm voting with my dollars.

And as always, we appreciate your business! Thank you for your support!

You've got questions...

Q: Is there any way for us to get a meal plan you posted a while back?

A: Yes! If you've ever missed a meal plan or want to order a past meal plan (meaning any plan that is not the current meal plan), please email support(at)getmealplans(dot)com for help and ordering.

Many of our Herbies in Australia do "back orders" to get different seasons!

Q: Do you have a recipe for pasta salad?

A: There's a recipe for traditional pasta salad (but a much healthier version!) in HHC. There are also a few pasta dishes that can moonlight as a salad in EHH. We've also had a lot of really awesome pasta salads this summer on the meal plans, too!

Q: What do you do for workouts? You look amazing. Stronger, leaner all the time — and you're GLOWING!

A: Aww you're too sweet. The meal plans are my secret (seriously). When good goes in, GLOW comes out. My secret is my diet. No joke. It's what keeps me looking and feeling my best. Abs are made in the kitchen! But I do include workout stuff in ...

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With less than a week to go until one of the biggest food holidays of the year, this Saturday's Q&A is a special Thanksgiving edition!

But before I get into your questions, a quick reminder that I'm hosting a second LIVE episode of the Happy Herbivore Cooking show tomorrowon Ustream *and* I'll be making fan-requested recipes for Thanksgiving! (Details about my new cook show here. I'll be going on LIVE tomorrow, Sunday, Nov 24th 6pm (pacific-CA), 9pm (eastern-NY). Cya tomorrow! Bookmark the Ustream link and set an alarm :) Recorded episodes post to YouTube the next day.)

Now here are the most common questions I get via email and Facebook:

1. I'm the only vegan/plant-based eater. What do I do?

I always, always recommend telling a host about your dietary restrictions long before you show up. Offer to bring your own meal or something that everyone can enjoy along with you. I suggest saying something like, "I'm eating a plant-based/vegan diet now but I don't want you to go out of your way for me. I can bring something for myself, or a dish for everyone..." Just start the conversation. Get the ball rolling. It benefits no one (especially you) to show up and sort of spring it on the host. I did that at a party once (just showed up) and the host was devastated that she had made nothing I could eat. Then I felt bad that she felt bad. All of that could have been prevented if I'd just called her. Or take Barbara's advice and gift your host/hostess a copy of EHH ;)

If nothing else, bring something. You can always eat it another time, but chances are, everyone will try what you've brought.

This week's individual meal plan has a Thanksgiving meal for the solo diner (it's easy, fuss-free and can be made ahead -- no leftovers or waste!) and the family plan has a healthy, easy meal for ...

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You've got questions...

Q: I want your hair! It's so long, shiny and healthy! Mine's frizzy and dry -- what do you use?

A: Aww you flatter me too much! The secret to my hair is, well, 1. diet (low fat, whole foods, plant-based, NO OIL), and 2. I never brush it (okay I do but only rarely). I was reading an interview with Shaliene Woodley recently (I just adore her and her frankness), who also had amazing ...

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You've got questions....

Q: Love all of your delicious recipes! I was wondering if you might have a suggestion as a replacement to whole-wheat flour in many of the baked goods? (Sensitivity)

A: Thanks! Try using the gluten-free all purpose flour blend recipe in EHH and HHA. That blend was designed by a GF bakery, and it's never failed me. You can also use commercial gluten-free blends like Bob's Red Mill GF All-Purpose Blend. Whole Foods Market ...

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