This Week's Q&A: Yes, I use my meal plans; Eliminating Toxins with a Cleanse; Turning Your Dream & Passion into a Career & Vegan Heavy Cream

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You've got questions...

Q: Hi Lindsay - I was curious if you, yourself, use your meal plans. You are so fit and lovely :) that I was curious if it is something you do as well or if you eat another way. Do you use the meal plans all the time? Eat the same thing for breakfast? You get what I mean.

A: Thanks for the sweet compliments! Yes, I use my own meal plans :)

I follow them pretty exactly. I have a few allergies (broccoli, for example) so sometimes I have to make a minor veggie substitution, but the meal plans are flexible on purpose for that sort of thing.

The only time I stray off is when I'm writing another cookbook, which requires me to try out new meals, recipes, etc., (and then eat all the leftovers) but my cookbooks and meal plans work so beautifully together it's not really an issue :)

I couldn't look or feel my best, or keep up with Happy Herbivore (an 80-hour-a-week job) without my meal plans -- they are my saving grace! Plus, I think I'd feel like a phony if I didn't practice what I preached. The meal plans are based on how I eat :)

Q: I've seen a lot of diets and cleanses that talk about getting toxins out of the body. I'd really like to learn more about the toxins in question!

A: The toxins removed would depend on the person and the diet they ate, as well as their lifestyle (since there are environmental toxins, too). I can't speak for other cleanses and programs, but with my 3-day reboot and 10-day cleanse, the goal is to eat and consume the world's healthiest foods to give your body a break to clean house. It's like spring cleaning, getting all the junk out, cleaning under the couch, etc. What you've got in there depends on you :) Let your body run on optimal nutrition for a few days. You'll feel amazing!

Q: You are my number 1 role model! I admire so much how you have managed to turn your dream into your reality (even if it isn't perfect). I have tried to turn my passions into profitable ventures with not a lot of luck so I'm still stuck in a job I hate. I still dream it can happen though. Any advice?

A: Yep! Enroll in Exit Strategy School. (and THANK YOU! I'm so flattered!)

Q: What's a vegan plant-based substitute for heavy cream?

A: There are a few brands of vegan creamer on the market -- soy creamer is pretty common (even my local supermarket, as well as Trader Joe's, carries it) but there are coconut milk-based creamers, and other creamers out there, too. I've also seen recipes online for how to make it with regular non-dairy milk or with nuts like cashews. If the flavor is compatible, you could always keep it simple and use plain old coconut milk too.

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