This Week's Q&A: Ordering Past Meal Plans, Pasta Salad Recipes, My Workouts, Washing Veggies, and Preventing Bean Burgers from Drying Out

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Before I get into today's Q&A, I wanted to quickly say that today is Small Business Saturday.

As a small business owner I can attest how important each sale is to a small business. Small business owners are thankful for each and every customer they have (even if they forget to show it). A single sale can determine whether the lights stay on or go off. (I speak from experience).

If you can, please support small businesses today -- local or online. Etsy is a great place for beautiful, handmade gifts by small business owners.

I always like to remind myself that I'm voting with my dollars.

And as always, we appreciate your business! Thank you for your support!

You've got questions...

Q: Is there any way for us to get a meal plan you posted a while back?

A: Yes! If you've ever missed a meal plan or want to order a past meal plan (meaning any plan that is not the current meal plan), please email support(at)getmealplans(dot)com for help and ordering.

Many of our Herbies in Australia do "back orders" to get different seasons!

Q: Do you have a recipe for pasta salad?

A: There's a recipe for traditional pasta salad (but a much healthier version!) in HHC. There are also a few pasta dishes that can moonlight as a salad in EHH. We've also had a lot of really awesome pasta salads this summer on the meal plans, too!

Q: What do you do for workouts? You look amazing. Stronger, leaner all the time — and you're GLOWING!

A: Aww you're too sweet. The meal plans are my secret (seriously). When good goes in, GLOW comes out. My secret is my diet. No joke. It's what keeps me looking and feeling my best. Abs are made in the kitchen! But I do include workout stuff in my new book, too! Check out Happy Herbivore Light & Lean.

Q: Hi Lindsay! Have you written anything on washing and drying your veggies.

A: Yep! Here's a post on washing veggies with water and baking soda or water and vinegar (depending on the veggie!). I air dry everything after it's had a bath.

Q: I just made a batch of your bean burgers. I didn't want to cook them all up at once because they dry out, so should I just make them into patties and refrigerate until I eat?

A: The fridge may dry them out as well (that's its job — to suck out moisture). Leaving the "Batter" in an air-tight container is probably the best way — but if cooking to order is not always an option, make them ahead, wrap in parchment paper and store in air-tight container. That should help. OR just add a lot of condiments :)

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