This Week's Q&A: Sharing Other's Recipes on Blogs, Workday Cleanse, Vegan Fudgesicles, High Fat Vegan Foods & Weight Loss Plateau

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You've got questions...

Q: I would like to share some of your recipes (and recipes from other books) that are favorites of mine on my blog. I have posted one or two, giving you or them credit, of course. Before I continue with this practice, am I violating any restrictions?

A: Recipes (even those not in books but on other people's blogs) are copyrighted to them. My recipes are copyrighted to me (if they are on my blog) or to my publisher (if they are from a book) and legally, you can't re-post them without express written permission from the copyright holder (say, me, or my publisher). That's the nature of copyright. Of course there's not internet police that I know of hunting down copyright violators and issuing citations.

I generally ask that bloggers please not reprint my recipes and instead, post pictures of the recipe they made, with the comments, and then a link to that recipe (if it's on my blog) or to the books on Amazon (which you can use your affiliate link for to make commission on any sale).

Authors make so little money on their books (usually only $1 or less per book they sell) and most bloggers don't make money at all. I feel the best way we can support their continued work is to protect it and not make it available for free or off their website/blog. (Everyone has to pay rent).

Q: I intend to go completely whole plant. I went to your website when I noticed the reboot and cleanse program. Looks great to kick start whole plant but wanted to understand if you recommend to do the program even on working office days. I can't take 13 days in a row and want to start right now.

A: You don't need to be off from work :) You can do the reboot and cleanse even if you're going to work (just make the meals ahead so you have lunch at your desk instead of at a restaurant, etc.) Most of our users have completed the reboot or cleanse while going to work :) Enjoy!

Q: My friend's child is on medication for a rare medical condition. A side effect to the medication is lack of appetite. He's only 2, so there's no way to really rationalize it all for him. He just doesn't want to eat. At this point, he needs to put weight on. He (and his parents) are plant-based, but they are being pushed by family, medical professionals, and other friends, to feed him high fatty animal products (dairy, eggs, etc). Do you have kid-friendly high caloric food ideas?

A: I'm sorry to hear about your friend's child :( I hope he's feeling better. Nuts, seeds, and nut butter (provided there is no allergy) are a great high-fat, high-calorie option. Most kids won't pass up a PB&J or PB&Banana (tell mom to go heavy on the peanut butter). Mom can also try vegan smoothies made with coconut milk, avocado, or peanut butter (dare I suggest all three together?). Maybe a peanut butter, chocolate, and banana smoothie made with coconut milk. You can also make chocolate "pudding" that's just pureed avocado with chocolate and some sweetener. These options are crazy high in calories and fat. Plus most kids won't pass up a "milkshake" or pudding right? You can also freeze the "pudding" into popsicle molds to make fudgesicles :)

Dark chocolate is high in calories and fat, too :P Maybe make some double chocolate Happy Herbivore cookies (recipe in HHC).

Dried fruits are also very high in calories, but not necessarily high in fat.

This might also be the time to let him have coconut bliss vegan ice cream (made from coconut milk) with some regularity. Maybe as a treat after dinner each night, or for being good with medication or at the doctor. Coconut milk-based yogurt, or even soy or almond yogurts, would probably be well received by the kiddo, and they pack a pretty decent fat and calorie punch.

Tofu is also pretty high in fat, so tofu scramble could be an option, especially if mom adds some avocado or guacamole!

Q: First, thank you for the meal plans. Your recipes are wonderful, I've been on the plan for a few weeks. I've lost almost 5 kilograms since then, and I owe it all to you! Effects are really visible, I even had to buy a new suit, cause the old one began to get a little baggy.

I have, however, reached a plateau now. Numbers on the scale don't change. Will I start losing weight again? Or is it my fault and I'm doing something wrong? I have to admit I've stopped following the plans so strictly. Should I exercise?

A: Congrats on the weight-loss! I'm so thrilled to hear you're loving the meal plans! Without knowing exactly how you're veering off the meal plan, it's hard for me to know what the problem might be. If you're eating out or snacking on high fat foods (like nuts), that could be it. (See this post for a list of culprits that stop or prohibit weight-loss). If you need/want to lose weight, follow the meal plans as close as possible and opt for the lower fat options.

I also can't stress enough that with weight-loss, it's important to focus on how clothes are fitting and/or body fat percentages. The numbers on a scale aren't usually the best indicator of weight-loss or health.

As for exercise, it's always helpful with weight-loss. I don't discourage it, but there are factors to consider. See my post, "Why you can't lose weight from exercise combined with caloric restriction".

Hope this helps!

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