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Any time I speak at conferences or immersions, the one question I seem to get over and over is "I love this! I'm a believer but... how do I convince my... (family/friend/partner/etc)."

My parents' dog, Nicke. The last family member that's not plant-based, but I'm working on him.


I led the charge in my family. I've written about my vegan husband before and his reluctance at first. My sister Courtney ...

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Can't find the time or money to go to a conference or immersion? Have your own at home!

"The Science of Plant-Based Diets" by Dr. Campbell:

Dr. Essy talks about heart disease and how it's 100% caused by animal products (and how you can prevent and reverse it with plants):

Dr. McDougall on the perils of dairy (skip to minute 7):

Resolving the health care crisis by Dr. Campbell:

Jeff Novick addresses why you should avoid oil:

And ...

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Any time I'm speaking -- whether it's at a conference or I'm on a podcast/radio show -- someone invariably asks me what made me go vegan or what motivated me to follow a plant-based diet.

The truth is what motivated me to adopt a vegan/plant-based diet isn't nearly as compelling as why I've maintained a vegan/plant-based diet for almost 6 years.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that my initial reason for adopting a ...

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For as long as I can remember, I've been an organ donor. Even before I was old enough to make this decision for myself legally, I expressed my feelings to my parents. 

I can't really explain it beyond this:I've always felt this compulsion to give everything that I've got and when I'm gone, the last gift I can give is my body. Salvage what you can, send the rest to science. Let my ...

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I've seen these going around on blog awards and I thought I'd join in on the fun!

1. I am adopted, even though I look like every family member.

2. I have to watch TV while I write recipes to keep myself from going insane or OCD-crazy. I often end up watching really bad reality TV because other shows suck me in too much and I forget I'm cooking.

3. There are a lot of inside jokes ...

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