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A few weeks ago this tweet came my way:

@happyherbivore went off being vegan this week, I am so sick now with stomach cramps. Memory lane not worth the fall :'(

Since I see tweets, emails, comments, etc. like this one, I thought I'd talk about it on the blog today.

First: Remember, above all: It's about progress, not perfection.

Second: You are on a journey. You might take a few wrong turns. You might back track and sidetrack ...

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I get so many emails asking about ingredient substitutions that I thought I'd put a big, all-encompassing post together like I did for baking. (See my baking post: Everything you need to know about vegan, fat-free and allergy-free)

: The easiest way to replace cornstarch is to use arrowroot. Arrowroot is available at all health food stores and larger supermarkets. Depending on the recipe and how cornstarch is being used, flour might work. For example, if the cornstarch is ...

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So often I get emails like this one:

" I just need to talk to other Herbies. Some days, I just really struggle with being vegan. I hate that I do. I've been Herbie since July 2011. I know it's better for me, and I do feel great eating this way, but yesterday was just hard and I ate some chicken and I felt disgusted after doing so and like I had failed. I did it at lunch. For ...

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It's unfortunate, but most of us will come into contact with a "naysayer" when we switch to a plant-based diet. If that never happened to you, you are very lucky (and we're all jealous) but chances are you've experienced a naysayer, or you will at some point in your life.

Before I talk about ways to respond and deal with naysayers, there are two things you need to know (and keep in mind).

1. If someone is ...

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Jen emailed me with pictures of her community potluck that she held at her church. After her husband tested his blood sugars and found out his levels were over 300, they decided to take matters into their own hands and use a plant-based diet to get healthier. Now, Jen and her family are helping members of her community and church by educating them and getting them active. They have hosted a vegan potluck on the first Sunday of every month ...

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