How to Cook & Prepare Kale (with videos)

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I love kale. Hail to the kale! 

When I first adopted a plant-based diet, I started... rediscovering the produce section of the grocery store. Even though the store hadn't changed their inventory, I kept having all these new discoveries — wondering where that particular fruit or vegetable had been all my life. (Note: right there all along, of course... I was just too busy buying packaged "convenience" crap to notice all the vibrant life I was missing!)

Anyway, "greens" were probably the last thing I came around to trying. Something about them was intimidating. I have to eat... a plant?I mean, I loved salad mixes and baby spinach... but those cruciferous greens were a bit daunting!

Somewhere, I got over my fear of the unknown, gave them a try, and became hooked. Kale and I have been in a deep relationship ever since... 

And would you look at this gorgeous bunch of purple kale? 

I'll get to my point ;) 

A few weeks ago my assistant, the lovely Lindsey Talene, texted me:"How do you cook kale?"She'd visited me recently and I was feeding HER kale at every meal — and she'd gotten hooked! (Kale is pretty addicting!!) Except now that she was home, it was up to her to appease her kale cravings!

A few texts later, I realized that LT is probably not the only one who is unsure what to do with kale. After all, I once was equally unsure how to eat it — so I decided to create two videos, and this blog post, for all you kale newbies! 

LT's first time cooking kale. She added mushrooms! 

Now for some kale recipes (here on the blog): 

Kale Chips

African Kale & Yam Soup

Greens Quiche  

I also love to keep it simple: fresh lemon on top, hot sauce, Old Bay seasoning, salsa (especially fruit-flavored salsas), nutritional yeast, or vegan parmesan cheese for a treat. 

And you'll find more kale recipes in my cookbooks too!

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