At-Home Immersion

Can't find the time or money to go to a conference or immersion? Have your own at home!

"The Science of Plant-Based Diets" by Dr. Campbell:

Dr. Essy talks about heart disease and how it's 100% caused by animal products (and how you can prevent and reverse it with plants):

Dr. McDougall on the perils of dairy (skip to minute 7):

Resolving the health care crisis by Dr. Campbell:

Jeff Novick addresses why you should avoid oil:

And in case you need a double dose on the oil issue, Dr. Essy speaks out against oil again:

Dr. Neal Barnard talks about Food Addiction — Chocolate, Sugar, Meat and Cheese:

And here's another video if you need more info about food addiction:

And my favorite video — Dr. Doug Lisle also talks about food addiction and breaking free of pleasure traps (he's the author of The Pleasure Trap):

Next, caloric density (very important!):

How to read labels:

And, of course, end the night with Forks Over Knives, which is free on Netflix and Hulu, but also available on DVD or Amazon Instant Play.

Happy Learning!