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Last week we met Pragati, who lost 8 lbs in 21 days. Today we meet Lisa, who has more energy, clearer thoughts and has gone from a size 16 to a size 4 in almost a year!

HH: How did you learn about a plant-based diet?

I saw an episode of Oprah last March, where she and her staff went on a one-week vegan challenge. I decided to join in but wanted to challenge myself for two weeks. In April ...

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Last week we met Jennifer, who has more energy and lost 50lbs after going plant-based. This week we meet Pragati, our first international Herbie of the Week!

HH: What brought you to the United States?

I moved to US in the early part of 2000 for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Univ. Texas at Austin. I'd just finished graduate school in India and at the time, the US was the place to be for folks who wanted to make ...

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Last week we met Mike, who lost over 80lbs and feels he has more food options now on a plant-based diet than he did before. This week we meet Jennifer, who has lost 50lbs and gotten rid of her chronic digestive issues!

HH: What brought you to a plant-based diet?

It all started because I was desperate to feel better. Things had gotton so bad I couldn't eat without severe bloating and pain and I was getting to the ...

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Last week we met Kay, who lives in an Airstream Travel Trailer traveling the country and has lost almost 40lbs since switching to a plant-based diet. This week we we meet Mike, who has lost over 80 lbs and has more energy than ever before.

What brought you to a plant-based diet (vegan)?

My losing weight and finding out what a vegan diet could do for my health and well being was 2 of the things that made me seriously ...

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Last week we met Deanna, who went off her blood pressure medicine and has more energy now than ever. This week we met Kay, whose birthday was yesterday (happy belated!) and has lowered her cholesterol and lost almost 40 lbs!

HH: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I turned 74 years old on the 28th of February. In January, my husband and I celebrated our fifty-fourth wedding anniversary. We have four children and ten grandchildren. In 2009, we sold ...

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