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Last week we met Kay, who lives in an Airstream Travel Trailer traveling the country and has lost almost 40lbs since switching to a plant-based diet. This week we we meet Mike, who has lost over 80 lbs and has more energy than ever before.

What brought you to a plant-based diet (vegan)?

My losing weight and finding out what a vegan diet could do for my health and well being was 2 of the things that made me seriously consider a vegan life style. Also seeing my wife struggle to find good things to eat while I ate anything made me want to help her live with the food allergies she has.

What was the turning point that made you take the leap?

When we watched the Forks Over Knives documentary, it gave a real world perspective to taking control of the food I ate, not the food ruling my eating habits.

What was your diet like before you made the switch? You mentioned your wife had allergies?

We were on a restrictive diet because of allergies to wheat, soy and dairy, it made finding good tasteful things difficult, until we learned, you don't have to sacrifice good taste for good health.

Do you feel like you are on a restricted diet now that you are plant-based? I think most people would think your wife's allergies made for a restrictive diet, and then you went and eliminated things further.

Since we started the plant-based diet, we have more choices to eat than when we didn't know what a plant-based diet was.

You mentioned that your wife had struggled to find things she could eat before, does she have this same problem now on a plant-based diet?

No we don't think we struggle anymore with finding great things to eat. It's all about educating yourself on what is good for you and that there are many, many choices of good healthy foods, and many varieties of food that are good for you. Plant-based pizza, ice cream, anything you like from before, there are great tasting plant-based substitutes that taste great and are good for your health.

Has there been any positive changes that you've noticed since making the change?

The changes are almost too many to count. The 83 lbs I have lost is just one of the many things, I feel better than I have in 40 yrs, my clothes fit, I am more active and enjoying life more than ever. My blood work went from 6 to 8 flagged items to none, no headaches, skin blemishes gone, sleep better, no afternoon fatigue, these and many more all because of my plant-based diet, no pills or medicines.

Thank you Mike for sharing!

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