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Meet our Herbie of the Week, Mary! Back in January, Mary emailed me with her amazing story. After experimenting with vegetarianism 28 years ago, Mary had gone back to the standard American diet. She was experiencing digestive problems and fought frequent food cravings. Mary recently celebrated her one-year anniversary of being powered by plants! In that year, Mary has lost 14 pounds, no longer needs medication for digestive issues, and has found simple joy in food and fun activities. No ...

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Back in February, Glenn's wife posted this remarkable picture of Glenn on Happy Herbivore's Facebook page showing Glenn's incredible weight-loss (80 lbs. in one year!) since adopting a plant-based diet:

I immediately contacted Glenn and asked him to share his story as part of our Herbie of the Week series. Because Father's Day is in a few days, we have been featuring amazing plant-based guys this week — first my dad, then these awesome guys... so it ...

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Meet our amazing Herbie of the Week, Sarah! Sarah has lost well over 100 lbs. and was amazed at how easy it was for her to get healthy and happy through a plant-based lifestyle. 

Back in January, Sarah sent me the following email:

"This is not a question, this is a THANK YOU! Thank you for your recipes, your blogs, your stories, your meal plans. I adopted a plant-based/vegan lifestyle back in February of 2012. I had been ...

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Back in January, Lydia sent me an email, the subject "My Plant-Based Turn-Around." I knew from the subject it was going to be an uplifting email. Another testimonial about this lifestyle: Someone else finding good health after switching to a plant-based diet (my favorite kind of email!!) — but I honestly had no idea how absolutely incredible Lydia (and her story) really was. Or that she was going to be so young! As of late, many of our HOWs have been ...

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Happy Memorial Day, Herbies! Today's blog post is a heart-warming tale of serendipity. (I hope you enjoy it and your holiday!)

Before I get to the story, however, I have an announcement!! 

By popular request, we're offering an annual meal plan subscription but only for a limited time. The offer ends this week (Sunday, June 2)! 

Get a year's worth of meal plans (52 weeks! over 1,000 recipes!) for only $179. (You're basically ...

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