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Diane left the following comment on my post, "10 Reasons I'm Plant-Based," and I just knew I had to bring her back as a Herbie of the Week! 

"I've become almost entirely vegan over the last year, and I've never felt better! One of the things I find amazing about this whole process (in addition to losing the extra 50 lbs. I thought I was stuck with — woohoo!), is that I have been able to cut ...

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Young and healthy, Ferrin couldn't figure out why she had severe abdominal pain and bleeding. After a scary diagnosis and surgery, Ferrin adopted a plant-based diet hoping for a brighter future -- and she got it!

HH: Tell us a little bit about your history:

I'm young (25). I had been on a "healthy" diet for a few years and exercised regularly, so when I started to bleed and experience pain for two and three weeks at a time ...

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Meet Erika. After having 2 kids, Erika was able to lose 60 pounds and get rid of all her headaches and has so much more energy!

HH: You've been a long-time lacto-ovo vegetarian. Tell us about that. 

I remember saying two years ago that I could never follow a plant-based diet, because I loved cheese too much. I had been a vegetarian for seven years and grew up in home where my Grandmother made vegetarian meals. 

HH ...

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I met Kevin at Farms 2 Forks, and the first thing I noticed about him (other than his charming and friendly demeanor) was his glow. 

Anyway, Kevin and I quickly became friends and when he told his story to the crowd at the farm later that day, I was moved to tears. "You really are an inspiration!" I told him as we hugged and parted. 

The next day, Kevin emailed a picture of me we took together and ...

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 Happy Thanksgiving or should I say, Happy Thanks-Living!

Even though I tend to make this day about food (a lot of food!), I always like to take a moment to really meditate on what I'm thankful for. 

My health.
The health of my family and friends.

The health of my Herbies.
My Herbies in general...

...and so on. 

There's so much I am thankful for — so much we're all thankful for — and in light of ...

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