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I fell down a rabbit hole when I started researching the brain science/psychology around listening vs. reading books...

Covered in this post:

  • Does listening to audiobooks count as reading?
  • Is listening to audiobooks “cheating”?
  • The Different Learning Styles (VAK) Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
  • My early education struggles / learning disabilities
  • How exactly I study and overcame those difficulties
  • The best way to study for a test / final exams
  • Why 50% of law students wash out

Does listening to audio books count ...

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My goal was to read 100 books in 2017. I hit 50 last week. I really do go all in, apparently!!

Here's the list so far—I'll do a bigger post at the end of the year with my top top picks, but for now....

BTW, I've left a detailed review of every book on Goodreads. I also frequently leave short reviews on Audible. It would be too cumbersome to include a full review of every book here ...

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ALL month we’ve been serving up lighter versions of your favorite meals.

Now we’re bringing that magic to dessert (and you get to eat it first!)

That's right -- Brownie Breakfast Bake and Chunky Monkey ONOs are on the menu this week!

(I’ve never been so excited about mornings!)

Pizza Joes

Start eating gorgeous and delicious meals like this in no time!

64 days ‘til summer means SPRING TRAINING. Start off on the right foot with meals ...

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We’ve all been there. We make plans to do something different but when the time comes, we just put it off until the next day.

What actually works is having a vivid, concrete plan.

Having a meal plan allowed me to put that vivid plan in place.

I knew what I was going to eat and when.

Automatic delivery to my inbox every week forced my follow through.

Simple, healthy recipes and a shopping list RIGHT THERE??

No excuses ...

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I miss the Herbie of the Week series too.

It also feels a little bit selfish to get to see and read success emails and then not share them with the class.

Shouldn't we all get to enjoy and be inspired by someone's journey? Shouldn't that person get community kudos?

Everyone can use a little more love and inspiration...

SO with that I've decided to share "Herbie of the Week" stories periodically (as they come in ...

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