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Three years ago I started batch cooking and it changed my life.

  1. I have so much more free time.
  2. I'm more productive at work.
  3. It's a massive relief to always know what I'm eating.
  4. I'm just not anxious anymore.

It started with making oatmeal or ONO's to last the week.

Like this:

That slowly morphed into making 1 "family" (serves 4) recipe to take for lunch all week.

Since my office always eats out together ...

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OMG the longest cook time this week is the Vegan Pasta Carbonara.

15 minutes ‘cuz that’s how long it takes to boil pasta:

Although if you soak pasta in water all day it boils in 1 minute…

This week is fancy meets fast, fast, fast.

Hawaiian Sliders 6 ingredients, 5 minutes to cook. Aloha!

Hawaiian Sliders

Bruschetta Flatbread amazing warm, cold, or as a lunch wrap.

Bangkok Tacos just whisk the peanut sauce and heat!

Bangkok Tacos


Live STEP-BY-STEP video this Sunday.

From ...

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What are meatless meatballs made out of? LENTILS

How do you make vegetarian meatballs? SEE BELOW

Are Ikea meatballs vegan? They are now! (but these are better)

What is tempeh made out of? Soy, but not used here! 


I wanted to have a really simple, versatile vegan meatless meatball that didn’t use beans…


Or vital wheat gluten.


Or tempeh.


Or any of those “weird” vegan ingredients/faux meats....


I’ve done some cool things with ...

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What is vegetarian (vegan) gravy made of?


No wacky, greasy, meat substitutes here.

All the flavor but with the plant ingredients you love.

Both my husband and father loved sausage in their pre-vegan days and I find fennel seeds go a long way in recreating that “sausage” flavor for them.

My southern husband also lives and dies by “biscuits and gravy” so this is his #1 request for this Sunday.

The pugs are our children, I’m not hinting… I ...

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First I want you to imagine drinking this: 

Banana Split Shake. 3-minute healthy breakfast or dessert! 

That isn’t my father’s #1 favorite dish, though. 

My Dad LOOOVES baked beans, especially in summer. 

When he first went vegan, he practically did a backflip when he discovered Bush’s Baked Beans were vegetarian…


This is my Dad eating a vegan big mac :) 

But then his doctor wanted him to reduce sodium…

He asked for a healthier version ...

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