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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Kelli G!

Suffering from chronic bloating and constipation Kelli wanted a change. She switched to a vegetarian diet while deployed with the Air Force. Still struggling with her weight, she decided to try a strict plant-based diet and has since lost 40 pounds while following the meal plans.

Read Kelli's story in her own words...

I'm proud to say I'm a very happy herbivore! I had always thought of myself as ...

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In case you missed it...

On Memorial Day I posted this on Facebook:

Caption reads: Have potato. Will travel. The security guy gave me a weird look but whatever :P (snowboarding, planes, opera, baseball... Where will I take a potato next?)

And it got me thinking! (Thx Michele!!!)

Travelocity has that gnome and WE HAVE THE POTATO.

To encourage good choices this holiday weekend (and to keep pulling my weight as the official potato spokesperson -- haha)...


#HavePotatoWillTravel ...

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By popular request this week's meal plan is a collection of OUR GREATEST HITS {summer edition}!

EVERY. SINGLE. RECIPE. has received 5 STARS by members *and*

PASSES the skeptical omnivore spouse + picky kid test!

Now it’s YOUR CHANCE to taste what all the fuss has been about on Instagram!

Chocolate Lover's Quinoa

Individual Highlights

  • Pizza Pasta
  • Bang Bang Chickpea Wraps
  • Cuatro Verde Bowl
  • Chocolate Lover's Quinoa
  • Cali-Girl Sandwich
  • Indian Hakka Noodles
  • Enchilada Polenta Bowl
  • Carrot Hot ...
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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Gary W!

Gary suffers from hyperaldosteronism and is paralyzed on his left side after suffering a stroke. He transitioned from a vegetarian to a plant-based diet and was able to reduce his prescription medication and now lives a healthy, active life.

I'll let Gary take it away...

I had been vegetarian since the mid 90s. In April 2004, I was working in my shop when my left arm went numb. Someone suggested I ...

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Holy hot peppers! Is it boiling where you are too?

You know what they say: "If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"...

Which is EXACTLY what you’ll be doing with this week's ULTRA lazy, fuss-free, nearly NO-COOK meal plan.

Why order out when you can whip up copycat P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps (NEW!) in 15 MINUTES!

These meals are also mix-and-eat: Vegan Ceviche (NEW!), Cantonese Kale Salad, BBQ Sweet Potato Salad ...

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