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Even if you don’t have great knife skills, you can be a faster cook.

*IF* your kitchen is organized for efficient cooking.

Let me reiterate:

You are not ‘slow’ at cooking because you lack skills…

The problem is:

  1. You don’t know where everything is (mental inventory)
  2. Your kitchen isn’t organized well for cooking



Where are your chickpeas? Where is your slotted spoon?

If your answer isn’t something like “Chickpeas are on the bottom shelf of my ...

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Are raw mushrooms safe to eat?

Ever since I posted my monster salad video on YouTube (I make my salad once a week and it stays fresh!) I’ve been flooded with emails about mushrooms…

Apparently Dr. Fuhrman has been scaring people off raw mushrooms...

SPOILER ALERT: You don’t need to fear raw mushrooms.

You can eat them raw as long as they’re from the supermarket.

I’ll dig into the science here in a second, but before ...

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Confession: When I don’t cook, I eat mostly finger foods—chips and salsa, carrots and hummus, bread with whatever…

It’s not exactly “bad” for me…

but that’s not the way I want to be eating…

The easiest, laziest, tastiest meal plan this Spring

  • “Mix together” meals in a bowl
  • Finger foods!
  • 15 minutes or less

SEE what you could be eating instead of “whatever” :

10-minute Cauliflower Chorizo Tacos

Cool Ranch Bowls the BEST hummus-based vegan Ranch!

Mid-Town ...

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Restaurant Week!!

Calling all fuss-free foodies and jet set dreamers….

This week is for you!!

Feast on a VARIETY of global cuisine…

Paris: Ratatouille Rice (15 minutes)

Vietnam: Pho Noodle Salad (8 minutes)

Italy: Instant Pesto Pasta with 1-minute Pesto

Thailand: Spring Rolls w/ 30-second Peanut Sauce

Street cafe vibes with Garlic Bread Paninis

Other simple global recipes included in this week’s plan:

  • Falafel’d Flatbreads
  • Bean Dip Tostadas
  • Vegan Alfredo

& for Tropical island feels... Pina Colada ONOs

Start your Culinary Adventures Getaway

Join Meal Mentor right now.

The only bag you’ll be packing is your shopping bag ;)

You’ll loving having seconds for lunch ...

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I wrote this post in 2012.

I was scared to post it, still am, but I also want to facilitate change...

After last week's news: LA banned the use of animals for entertainment, I decided to do it. If my city can stand up, I can stand up too.

Here are the pictures from 2012 and my post:

*names have been changed

In the five years I have been vegan, I've never met an animal rights activist...

until ...

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