Slim Team 3.0 opens Friday, August 5th

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

By popular request, Slim Team, the OFFICIAL meal mentor weight-loss coaching program, is back!

Our first class was EPIC! They lost a whopping 1,171.6 pounds in 4 weeks!!!

The second class lost 893.3 pounds. Amazing!

The new version, Slim Team 3.0, is even better!

I've taken *everything* I have learned about weight-loss science over last 5 years and built it into the curriculum to maximize your results.

This means you will get science-backed actionable tasks every week that work to accelerate weight-loss and change your body (and mind) for good.


- private Slim Team 3.0 facebook group
- new workbook (30 pages)
- weekly live coaching calls ($400 value)
- a copy of The Science of Weight Loss (235 pages)
- copy of the past Slim Team workbook (62 pages)
- no judgment support
- accountability
- new ideas and research on fat loss you've never heard before
- interactive questions posted daily
- my secret private client protocol

For the first time ever, I'm including the exact protocol I give to my private celebrity clients!

Read below for more information about the program.

Enrollment opens August 5th (8am for members, 9am for non-members) PST.

This incredible opportunity won't come around again until Spring 2023.

The price is an amazing value at only $129 for everything.


Very few people who have struggled with dieting can lose weight and SUSTAIN that weight-loss without help and encouragement from another person.

Studies consistently show that having support and accountability dramatically increases your chance of success.

ESPECIALLY when you’re part of a small group focused on the same goal, and working the same, necessary steps together.

The first Slim Team class has been an EPIC testament to that.

They lost a whopping 1,171.6 pounds in the first month! Booyah!

When you’re on a TEAM you’re not just accountable to yourself.

You’re accountable to your teammates too, which means you’ll hold yourself to a higher standard, expect more of yourself, and deliver ;)

You’ll also have your teammates there to help you!!


#1 Accountability!!!

THIS IS THE CRITICAL COMPONENT TO WEIGHT-LOSS. Knowing that you have to report your progress every week will motivate you to stick to it.

Your teammates will also be there to give you a helping hand when you need to pull you back up or steady you and a high-five when you have a victory.

Zero judgement. Zero jealousy. The Slim Team realizes when you win, we all win. It’s a team sport and we need each other. It’s just too difficult to succeed in isolation.

#2 New perspective.

We’re all bad at knowing our own strengths or weakness. Your teammates and coach will see what’s up with fresh eyes, and tell you how to get out of your own way.

The weekly drills and practices will also show you EXACTLY why you’ve been unsuccessful in the past because it isn’t just for a lack of trying...

You were blindfolded. In Slim Team you’ll uncover all the self-sabotage you weren’t aware you were doing and learn how to modify your behavior in ways that self-SUPPORT instead.

Being on a team also allows you to view yourself and your potential in a new way.

Your teammates will help you question limiting presumptions you have about yourself while encouraging you to grow and try new approaches because WE HAVE YOUR BACK.

#3 Self-confidence

The Slim Team Training Program will show you EXACTLY how to counteract your sense of helplessness and stop your sabotaging thoughts and behaviors dead in their tracks.

You’ll learn the exact strategies Lindsay and other Slimmers have used.

Effective strategies so you FEEL in control.

Whether it’s emotional eating, overeating, stress eating, mindless eating, food addiction, life getting in the way, or some other hurdle, this new program will empower you to behave in helpful ways.

#4 Workbook + Workshops

An OFFICIAL Slim Team Workbook!

Each week you’ll download an assignment (think of them as mini challenges) or a short lesson. At the end of the week, you’ll discuss it together in group and on a live call where you can ask questions.

You will also have access to top notch research and studies that back up every suggestion for further understand and geeking out, if you want.

Enrollment is limited to first-come, first-served and space is very limited.

“I am actually shocked that I lost weight. I had been plateaued for SO many months that I thought I’d be happy if I even lost a pound! I don’t feel like I’ve done much of anything but I lost 5lbs! Just goes to show that all the little habits do add up. This is definitely mind over matter - I think my eating issues are much more centered around my brain than I thought!” – Shelley H.

“Seriously, I have not been able to stick to anything that resulted in weight loss for years. I have done a lot of hard things in my life, including finishing 6 marathons… the marathons were easier than sticking to a weight loss plan. This is working. I love having friends and a common goal” – Sheree G.

“I used to wonder why I gained weight or couldn’t lose because just looking at mu meals I didn’t really eat that much… if I have learned anything from these couple of weeks it’s not just what we eat but how and why and when. Together we can. I am amazed at the difference in my attitude. I feel like I have control that I never had before.”– Tammy K.

“I can’t explain it but there has been a shift. I am not stressing about eating or exercising (or NOT exercising). I am not compelled to snack at work anymore (even at stressful times). It feels SOOOO good.”– Karen P.

“This is the first time that significant weight loss is happening in a healthy way for me. I’m currently at my lowest weight as an adult, don’t feel deprived, and am learning so very much.”– Ami S.

“The psychology of what we are learning is fascinating. Our brains just want to sabotage us no matter what! I notice the struggle but at the same time changing the behaviors works.” – Jessical F.

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