March Madness Challenge - The FUN way to Kick bad habits, lose weight, and create lasting changes!

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon

Are you up for a Challenge? 

Great news!!! 

By popular request, MEAL MENTOR MARCH MADNESS is back! 

a.k.a. Your FUN & easy way to kick bad habits, detox, lose weight, feel awesome, and focus on something positive.

Do you want to drink more water orbe consistent with exercise

Are you trying to kick a bad habit(e.g. sugar, soda)? 

Or do you need a little extra support and motivation to lose the “covid 19”?

If so, don’t miss out on the biggest, most awesome challenge ever.


To participate, download this free booklet

Inside the free PDF you’ll find:

  • Challenge details
  • goal suggestions

Once you’ve filled out your goal grid, post it on Instagram! 

Tag #mad4mealmentor so other participants can give you a high-five! 

You can also follow me @happyherbivore and @mealmentor 

Need EXTRA community support?????

Join my private Facebook group. 

This group is a zero judgment love bubbe.

We share our struggles, we share our successes, & we post our meals to inspire each other.  

If you do better with support and need accountability, join this group ASAP.

This amazing group is limited to annual meal plan subscribers. 

Start your membership right here and join our family ASAP

With your membership, you get group access PLUS weekly PDF meal plans of simple, healthy vegan meals. 

Knowing what you're going to eat every day sets you up for every kind of success! 

It's incredible how much mental energy you use when you don't have "a plan." Let me do the planning for you :) :) 

Let's do this together,

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