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That Wake-Up Call

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I've been interviewing Herbies each Wednesday here on the blog; sharing stores of those who have radically changed their health through diet and all of them, somewhere in their stories, point to an event saying, "that was my wake-up call."

I certainly had that experience myself -- I had a health scare in my early 20's that threw me deep into reality that I was not invincible after all. I realized I needed to make serious lifestyle changes and I did.

But I had another wake-up call too -- one that didn't involve food at all -- and I was reminded of that experience when Scott's friend had a similar one this weekend.

Scott's good friend Bill* called saying the company he worked for had been acquired by another company and he wasn't sure if he'd survive the merger. 

In the last couple of years, Bill has been laid off or his job was eliminated a number times. Thankfully Bill had enough contacts and experience that he always found another job like the one he lost, but each time it was a little harder and took a little longer... 

After the last lay off, Scott suggested Bill change careers and start over, but Bill had his reservations. He'd been doing this job for over a decade. It was all he knew and heck, he was good at it. Then Bill found his current job and Scott's suggestion wasn't even a distant memory. 

Until now. Facing another lay off, Bill told Scott this was his wake-up call. 

We all come to a pinnacle moment where we have no choice but to face the truth. For me, that was almost three years ago when I was sexually harassed at work.

What happened to me was crushing... devastating. I thought I'd earned my job on merit but it turned out my boss had hired me because he wanted to sleep with me. and did I mention I was a lawyer?

After I reported what happened, I was terminated... err "laid off." Right. 

It was a dark time. I was broken and depressed and ashamed. 

But light came out of my darkness. That was my wakeup call. Truthfully, I had never enjoyed being a lawyer. I know plenty of lawyers who love it, but I didn't. I was miserable but because I'd spent so much time and energy on becoming a lawyer, I stuck with it, hell bent on change.

So, the universe sent me a wakeup call. I needed to do something else with my life and if I couldn't help myself, the universe would shove me in the right direction... so I was shoved... 

and then, Happy Herbivore happened.

Sure it wasn't over night, but one of my greatest joys -- the source for so much happiness, all extended from one of my worst experiences. Light does come out of darkness.

But you don't have to wait for a wake-up call. I'm sorry that it took a serious health scare to make me eat and live better..healthier, and I'm sorry it took an awful experience at work to make me leave a career and job that made me so unhappy -- but I'm thankful for calls, and even more thankful that I answered and made the change. 

My hope is that my story -- and Bill's story, can help you make a change if you've been contemplating one. I don't think it's ever too late, but I also don't think it's ever too soon. to make a positive change.

Mama Herbivore Colorado Trip Part 2

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My Mom couldn't fit everything about her trip to see me into one post, so here is her guest blog about the food we had.  You can see this post about their first vegan Thanksgiving and here's a sample of other food we shared with my mom's commentary:

It was unexpected to have such a nice treat for my birthday. It was so much better than the traditional vanilla white flour cake. Having the Tortuga Rum Cake (page 251, Everyday Happy Herbivore) with orange icing was the best birthday cake I've ever had. I can't believe all the recipes that Lindsay is able to come up with. I am so proud of her.

Lindsay's tacos with chorizo (page 147, The Happy Herbivore) and quick queso (page 263, The Happy Herbivore) are her dads favorite food and we have them regularly, but he says Lindsay makes them better than I do. I guess I can't be mad at him for liking our daughters cooking better than mine. 

I love fresh blueberries. This Blueberry Dumpster Fire Cobbler (from The Engine 2 Diet) was one of the best breakfast dishes we had. It made the whole house smell like a fresh blueberry pie. I can't wait to make it at home. Hopefully it will turn out just as good and my husband will love it.

Mama Herbivore Returns! (Part 1)

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My mom is back for another guest post! As I mentioned before, my parents came to visit for and had their very first vegan Thanksgiving; it was a fun week and my mom is ready to post all about her trip!

I've never driven west, and thought visiting Lindsay in Colorado would be a good opportunity to see the country. It was a great trip, minus the part where our car broke down a few hours from Lindsay's house. I've seen mountains in Vermont, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, but there is no comparison with the mountains in Colorado. They are magnificent. 

It's every mothers dream to be able to spend quality time with your daughter at the holidays. We had a great time with Lindsay, Scott and our 'grandpugs'. That is what really makes for a perfect Thanksgiving holiday. Even our dog Nicke' enjoyed himself.

(Lindsay: I am naturally tan colored -- and my hair is really that wild.)

We rode up the mountain in the gondola to what seemed like the tippy top of heaven. I can't believe Lindsay and Scott snowboard down it. It was our first time seeing them snowboard and I was thankful we rode the gondola back down. I got chills watching them.  

Mama Herbivore will be posting another guest blog later this afternoon about some of the vegan food she ate while visiting. I love reading her opinions on my food... she isn't the type of person to grin & swallow food she doesn't like (she gags and spits it out!) so I always know I'm getting honest feedback from her ;-)

Stay tuned!