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Get a Happy Herbivore Necklace - Help an Elephant

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I've turned my adorable logo ("Herbie") into a beautiful 100% sterling silver charm necklace -- get one and help elephants!

The proceeds are going to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee! 

I've created a Kickstarter project for pre-orders! The necklaces are only being made this one time so it's your only chance to get them!

The designer also requires a minimum order of 100 necklaces -- so be sure to tell your friends! Help spread the word by "liking" the project on Kickstarter, tweeting about the project, posting it on your Facebook page, blogging about it, etc! 

Let's sport these cute necklaces and help elephants! 

UPDATE: 10 a.m. 25 necklaces sold! 25% there!

UPDATE: 12 p.m. 50 necklaces sold! 50% there!

UPDATE: 8:30 a.m. We hit 75% overnight! 

UPDATE: Sunday 9:00 a.m. We hit 90% overnight!

Update: (Monday 7 a.m.) We hit our goal over the weekend! Project is fully funded! Thanks!! 

I'm so touched by the support and generosity -- thank you! I'm so passionate about helping our elephant friends and we're going to make such a big impact! 

Guest Blogger: Sam QuantumVegan

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It wouldn't be Thursday on Happy Herbivore without a guest blogger! Today's guest blog post is by one of my twitter friends (tweeps?) Sam a.k.a. Quantum Vegan

Sam is always tweeting delicious pictures of food and today's blog post is no exception! Take it away, Sam!

Sam: I've been a big fan of HH chickpea "tuna" for ages, so when I heard there was a whole cookbook full of HH stuff coming out, of course I had to have it!  It's so hard to choose which recipes are the "best," but these are some of my favorites so far.

I must confess that, before going vegan, I ate and enjoyed a certain dubiously orange boxed mac & cheese.  My mom also made a cheese sauce of her own that we would pour over elbow noodles on a weekly basis and enjoy as a side to other non-vegan things. But vegan mac & cheese is better by far, even more so when it's as easy and delicious as this stuff!

Baked Shells and Cheese (p. 156)

I found some whole wheat pasta shells at the store and topped the whole thing with pretzel crumbs, which are from a recipe in The 30-Minute Vegan and are a great way to use up the sad broken bits that always lurk at the bottom of a pretzel bag.  They're a bit more crunchy than bread crumbs and added an extra dimension of flavor to the dish.

Mushroom Burgers & Balsamic Braised Asparagus(p. 89 and p. 171)

I will try pretty much any veggie burger recipe I come across, but the ones with easily-accessible ingredients are the best. Any excuse to use a food processor is also welcome, because I am a big food nerd and like to watch things get chopped into little bits. These come together fast, plus you get to stick your hands in the mix. What could be better? To make them "my own" I like to serve veggie burgers on toasted English muffins with some sliced tomato, Iceberg lettuce, and whatever condiment sounds good at the time.

As for the balsamic asparagus...why didn't I think of this?? Nothing about it needs to be changed.  It's perfect in its simplicity and results in brightly-colored asparagus with a slight crunch and an irresistible roasted flavor.

Cinnamon Buns (p.36)

Is it cheating to include these since my mom was the one who made them?  Because it would be wrong to leave them out.  When I was a kid, we made a ton--perhaps a literal ton!--of cinnamon rolls, usually as a side to dinner.  These are just as amazing and tasty without all the butter and refined sugar of the ones from my childhood.  Another reason I wanted to include them here is because we brought them to Easter brunch at my church, a brunch largely populated by quiche and non-vegan bread products.  People loved them!  Nobody guessed they were low fat, whole wheat, and vegan.  Though my mom made the recipe as written in the book, she's a big fan of cinnamon and said she would put even more on in the future.

I am a Real Person A lot Like You

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For me, this video really sums up my earlier post on dealing with negativity. I think a lot of people sometimes forget that authors or bloggers are real people.

I’m guilty of this myself. My tree was shaken a few years ago when I left a poor review for a book and the author contacted me. I was shocked. It had never even occurred to me that the author might read the reviews for his book. 

I stood by my review but the experience stayed with me. I was suddenly aware that what I said wasn’t always just going out into space -- that my words might actually be read. and they might be read by the very person I’m talking about. 

We’ve all had the experience -- maybe with a friend or more likely, a stranger, where someone said something online they probably wouldn’t say on the phone, let alone to your face. 

Point is, I came across this video over the weekend and I love love LOVE it. It’s so true and I could really identify with Sarah. I’ve been there, Sarah. 

What did you think of the video?