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Papa Herbivore's Favorite HH Recipes (Ideas for your Father's Day Meal!)

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Father's Day is just a week away! All week, we will be featuring plant-based men (many of whom are fathers) on the blog — of course, my father came to mind first. So Papa Herbivore is here to kick off the week with a guest post discussing his continuing plant-based journey and some of his favorite HH recipes. Try whipping up one or two of ...

Raising Herbies (Part 3): Vegan/Plant-Based Pregnancies, Formula, Doctors & More

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This is the final post in this week's 3-part Raising Herbies series. Check out Raising Herbies (Part 1): How to Raise Vegan/Plant-Based Kids, Transitioning Diets & More and Raising Herbies (Part 2): Getting Kids to Eat Healthy for more great tips from our amazing Herbie Parents.

Perhaps slightly out of biological order ;) today's Part 3 post focuses on pregnancy, breast feeding, and early ...

Raising Herbies (Part 2): Getting Kids to Eat Healthy

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So we've talked about raising kids vegan since birth, transitioning kids to a plant-based diet, and handling social situations in Part 1 and now we're sharing tips and tricks for getting kids to eat their veggies!

Before I let the Herbie Parents chime in, here are some experiences I have had with my nieces, nephews and friends' kids.

First, it's important to ...

Raising Herbies (Part 1): How to Raise Vegan/Plant-Based Kids, Tackling Social Situations, Transitioning Diets, Pediatricians & More

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In honor of Mother's Day, this week I'm having a three-part series on raising vegan kiddos. As a Daddy's girl, I want to say I know that Dads are great parents too and like many moms, some dads do it alone (kudos to all the parents out there!). I opted to run this series this week because most of the people who ...

Mama & Papa Herbivore — Dishing Recipe Reviews, and an Update!

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Hi, Mama & Papa Herbivore here with a update on how we are doing.  It's hard to believe it has been 15 months plant-based and we can honestly say it is not a transition anymore, but a lifestyle of eating healthier.  Our daughter's recipes have become our bible of cookbooks.  We still make a lot of our old favorites from HHC, have new ones ...