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The "Spring into Health" 28-Day Live Better Challenge Begins! #28LiveBetter

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Today kicks off our 28-Day challenge to live better. (I'm so crazy stoked!)

If you missed the deets about the Challenge + my big announcement news on Friday, you can read why I'm doing it here.

Basically, I went on a soul safari and realized I wanted to make the world a better place... starting with you.

And I just love the whole "rebirth" motif of the Spring... Forget January 1, now is the time to start making resolutions!

What does the challenge mean for you?

In short, this is a challenge to LIVE BETTER in all the ways you can -- eat better, sleep better, be more positive, find more happiness, whatever your goals are.

It's about success, not rules.

After you confirm your subscription, I'll send you guidelines for the challenge with some tips to get you started ASAP!

Whatever your goals are -- however it is you want to live better, you can start today.

Think of me as your personal cheerleader for the next 28 days!

Why a "challenge"

The hardest part to change is starting that change. I know many of you want to change your life or your diet or your surroundings, but feel too alone, or need a push, a friend... something... Well, now is the time to make a commitment and do it with the support of the entire Herbie community!! I'm cheering for you! We're all cheering for each other!

I also hosted a virtual minimalist party/challenge earlier this year and it was off the charts awesome. Over 1700 people came together world wide to declutter and organize their stuff.

After seeing what we could accomplish in a single day -- and the lasting effects of that day (so many happy + proud peeps! tons donated to Goodwill, participants with a fire in their heart to do more after the challenge was over and keep up the good work and progress) I knew we were destined for something bigger, and greater -- starting with ourselves.

It's time to LIVE BETTER.

p.s. As of 9pm last night, 5,219 people are signed up to live better!

This really is a (r)evolution!

What's in it for you?

Besides the obvious of living better with the support of our entire community cheering for you?

;) ;)

You'll get daily tips + motivational emails from me, plus a host of other good stuff like free trainings and ebooks and perhaps... some of my (bad) singing.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the other 5,000+ awesome peeps who are participating! Sign up here. It's totally free and no, it's not too late to join the party.

Pimp your twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. with your awesome badge below... and use the hashtag #28LiveBetter (or #SpringIntoHealth) so I (and everyone else in the challenge) can see all the cool projects you're doing... the progress you're making and the healthy bodacious food you're eatin;


(cute right?)

Are You Up For a Challenge? + a Big Announcement About my/HH's Future (My Depression/OCD)

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A confession: I've been going through a lot of changes as a person these last few months.

Part of it stems from finishing my 5th and 6th books The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living and Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings (out next month and this November).

When I signed my first book contract, I had no idea what would happen... would that be it? One book turned into a contract for two more, and then three more for a total of 6.

For years my fate was decided. I was going to be working on and writing books, and working on and writing books I did.

Finishing up my contractual obligations has been very bitter sweet for me. I'm very proud of the work I did, the work YOU did, the work and progress we made together in bringing health and plant eating to the masses.

I love all six of my books in ways words could never describe. I feel at peace, complete. I feel that I gave these books my everything -- my all -- and that I left no stone unturned.

I'm not saying I'm quitting or retiring (I'd miss you too much!), but having this sort of freedom.. having the chance to "choose my own adventure" again, has been a wonderful time for reflection and change.

Happy Herbivore has grown with me, and later apart from me, since we started together in 2006. I'm not THE happy herbivore anymore... I'm not a one-woman show. Happy Herbivore is a community, and legally, a corporation. I like to think happy herbivore has become something inside all of us. She's more than me... she's you.

I've had my joys and sorrows, but no regrets, and above all I have been thankful for every day, every step in this journey.

Thank you, a thousand thank yous, because without you, I wouldn't be here.

I wrote this on Facebook on Wednesday (read the comments here, and here. It's worth the scan -- so many brave souls!).

I have had depression... I have OCD and barely slide into the "functionality" side of that scale. Mental illness is not shame. Everyday I'm in light is a reminder of the darkness, and that the darkness is not my fear. You can be a millionaire and be different. You can be successful and be broken. My OCD gave me wings. I just had to learn how to live in a world of people that had brains different from mine. Your specialness is a gift. Dare to be different. Let the light in. and don't be ashamed for any of it. Imperfection is perfection. I love you. YOU HELPED ME FIND PEACE. You saved me from my self. good night, good luck!

I have blogged about my depression before, and with your support, then explained why I was depressed in the first place. I recount some of this in more detail (and how I came out of it) in my book, Zen Life.

I've also blogged about having OCD (and all the anxiety that comes with it).

The short story: Happy Herbivore grew out of that dark time in my life.

Photo credit: Ricardo Serpa 2012

What you may not know is I have been depressed (again) since. Some psychologists call it Founders Depression, and it's a nice way of saying that sometimes success is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

I still can't explain it. Despite all my success, and everything I should have been and was thankful for, I laid on the floor crying, and wondered if it would be better if my life just ended.

I had chronic insomnia. Panic attacks.

Scott (my husband) would ask me why I was freaking out, what happened? But nothing had happened to me. Nothing that I could justify my behaviors with.

Sales weren't down. My employees weren't quitting. Trolls didn't attack me on the internet (that day)... and yet, I was hyperventilating with anxiety.

I finally had a big "a ha" moment last month. I was snowboarding (of all moments and places) when I pulled over, sat down, and started sobbing. (This is how depression works). I hated myself for crying when I was living the dream. I was snowboarding on a Tuesday, on a three week vacation with my husband and dogs, hello! Get a grip!

And then I stopped crying and started laughing hysterically (this is also how depression works) because I suddenly realized why I was depressed, why my OCD and anxiety were off the chart (and that no amount of snowboarding would fix it).

I realized there was this certain thing in my life that made me miserable and sad, and OCD-crazy (and then anxious and finally depressed) and it was writing cookbooks. It wasn't the act of writing (I love that part... I love creating recipes for you) it was working with my publisher.

All the other work I do did not negatively effect me in this way. I love writing meal plans. I love answering emails. Facebook, Twitter, writing blog posts, making videos, speaking at conferences, and so forth... but even seeing an email from my publisher pop up in my inbox would send me into a visceral panic attack.

To be certain, I don't want to throw them completely under the bus. I have my complaints, and I'm sure they do too. Yet I believe that relationships can be toxic, and it's no-one's fault. (I talk a lot about this in Zen Life, Oil and water vs. peas and carrots).

The opportunity to "choose my own adventure" sent me on a soul safari.

And now, as you may have guessed, my life and Happy Herbivore are evolving.

Going all the way back to the beginning, taking a deep breath, and examining the story board called my life, I realized that at the core I just want to help people. I've always just wanted to help people...

I want YOU to live better in all the ways you can. I want you to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

I want to do whatever I can to get you there. Even if it means sharing the most painful moments of my life, like my battle with depression... because if I can get out, you can get out. We can get each other out.

You saved me. Happy Herbivore saved me. Two times. I'm ready to pay it forward, pay it back, pay it in hugs. Love + Gratitude.

And so THIS is the evolution and future of me/Happy Herbivore.

I want to start a beautiful (r)evolution.

I'm redesigning happyherbivore.com (as well as getmealplans.com) in the coming months to help you live better and succeed in every facet of your life...

I'm going to have all sorts of free tutorials and videos, live sessions with me and other coaches to help improve your health, change what's on your plate, enhance your career, follow your passion, declutter + organize your home...

More deets coming soon, but to kick off this (r)evolution

AND to kick off this Spring:

I invite you to join me in the "Spring into Health" 28-Day challenge!

I will personally email you each day with tips + motivation, and be here for you by email for support. Joining the challenge is totally *free*. To sign-up, go here.

SO let's start LIVING BETTER.


Free badges -- grab them!

Get daily tips + email motivation from me. Totally free! You got this!

Sign up here.

*This a challenge to live better in all the ways you can -- eat better, sleep better, be more positive, whatever your goals are. It's about success, not rules!*

A Challenge is also always more fun with friends, so encourage your friends and family to participate and sign-up for the 28-day challenge as well!

Herbie of the Week: Jernae (Her Acne Is Gone & She's Down 23lbs!)

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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Jernae!

Despite being lactose intolerant, Jernae was so addicted to dairy that she just put up with the awful side effects -- that is until she caught a virus in her early 20s. The side effects were only getting worse, so she cut out dairy (as well as gluten) from her diet, and noticed she felt a lot better.

Three years after going dairy and gluten-free, Jernae made the switch to a plant-based diet and she says it's the best decision she's made! In addition to losing 23lbs, her acne has cleared up, she's sleeping better and she no longer suffers from exercise-induced asthma.

Read on for Jernae's story!

Changing to a plant-based lifestyle has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. All my life I’ve been classified as “lactose intolerant” but because I was so addicted to dairy, I just dealt with the side effects. About four years ago, a virus swept through and I caught it. It hit me so hard that I got an ear infection from it. The doctor put me on a regular antibiotic and sent me on my way. After finishing the pills and the virus had run its course, I found that my lactose side effects were worse than ever. I was more moody, my stomach was more in pain, my intestines were always bloated with gas, I suffered with horrible hormonal acne, and there were a host of other problems.

So, I started researching what could possibly help me, and what could possibly be wrong with me. After doing a quick online test, I self-diagnosed myself with a Candida overgrowth. For four weeks I cut out dairy, gluten, funguses, anything fermented, and anything with sugar. When my gut managed to heal itself, I slowly added things back into my diet. Fruits, vinegars, etc. But I found that dairy and gluten still gave me issues.

I ate dairy-free and gluten-free for over three years. I still had the hormonal acne, and a range of other non-intrusive problems, but I felt a lot better. My hay-fever allergies disappeared, and I wasn’t moody anymore.

Me and my dad - he's also a Herbie!

When my parents went plant-based last year, I thought they were nuts. Like most Americans, I’d fallen into the trap of thinking “We have to have animal protein. It’s healthy for us.” But the more I listened to them, the more research I did. The choice for me to remove meat, eggs, and oil from my diet became not only a health choice, but a spiritual one as well. In my religion (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) we’ve had a belief for over 100 years that we should eat meat only in times of winter, famine, or extreme hunger. But so many of us justified the eating of more meat because it’s so darn good!

After looking into my family history and my ancestor’s health, I found that it was riddled with cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, tumors, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s, and other preventable diseases, and I couldn’t let that be me.

So, at the age of 28, I decided to jump in. I quit meat, eggs, and oil cold turkey and haven’t once looked back. I’ve lost 23 pounds in seven months (fifteen of those were in the first month), my hands which used to be cold and clammy all the time are no longer clammy, I sleep better, my acne is FINALLY starting to clear up, my unhealthy cravings are a thing of the past (I salivate over veggie hummus wraps), I’m actually eating whole wheat again, and I find that my exercise-induced asthma is also gone.

It’s truly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, Jernae!