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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Elicia!

Elicia struggled with her weight since childhood, but it wasn't until she realized her health was keeping her from living a full life with her children that she decided to make a serious change.

Now that she's plant-based, Elicia's the healthiest she's ever been! Not only did she break free from her sugar addiction, she's also lost over 250lbs!!!, no longer suffers from a long list of ailments ...

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You went to all that trouble to cook… and then it didn’t turn out right...


But you CAN save it (unless you burnt it to a crisp… there’s no coming back from that…)


If the saltiness is the result of an over-reduced soup, add water. Another option is to add acid, such as lemon juice, to cut the salt. Depending on the dish, adding wine might also work.

The best way to avoid over-salting is ...

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Need motivation?

A kick in the pants to get moving again?

Are you ready to walk your butternut off? (I couldn’t resist that one…)

JOIN the 100,000 Steps Herbie Challenge!

I recently hosted a steps challenge with our premium meal plan members and it was EPIC.

Not only did we all move our butts and shake our poms-poms more (and many of us lost weight, too!) it was INCREDIBLY insightful and motivating.

I never realized how wrong I ...

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Lots of old and soon to be new favorites are coming your way on this week's meal plan!

Kale & Sweet Potato Frittata (NEW!), Lentil Stuffed Acorn Squash (NEW!), Spicy Sweet Potato Noodle Soup (NEW!), Spanish Omelette (NEW!), and Garden Vegetable Pizzas (NEW!) are all making their delicious debut on both the individual and family menus.

And coming back for an encore appearance include smash hits like the Black Bean & Corn Taquitos, "Clam" Chowder, Pizza Hummus (family), and Baked Caprese ...

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Has this happened to you?

A recipe calls for 1 cup of COOKED rice…

but you have NO IDEA how much dry rice is needed to make 1 cup cooked?

OR you buy a bag of diced onions, thinking it’ll save you time (it totally will!) but d’oh! How much should you use to replace one onion in a recipe?

Or perhaps after watching my Batch Cooking LIKE A BOSS video, you decided to cook a bag of ...

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