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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Mindy!

Tired of constantly being in pain, Mindy started to research the benefits of going plant-based. After reading how many people got better with a low-fat, plant-based diet, she decided to give it a try.

In less than 2 weeks her pain went away and over the course of 4 months see lost 50lbs! Mindy also no longer needs to take medication for her high blood pressure and even got her hubby to make ...

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I grocery shop at a chain Supermarket

(and I love it!)

To be plant-based and eat healthy you don't have to spend a fortune OR shop at chains like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

If there was a grocery store I WISH I had access to it would be Aldi, but I'm perfectly happy with my Ralph's (a Kroger) and Vons (Safeway).

I snapped a few pictures of healthy, low priced items on my last trip ...

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See how good healthy can really feel with this week's fresh and fabulous meal plan!

Load up on all types of salad with the Garden Salad Pizza (NEW!), Chickpea Caesar Salad (NEW!), Szechuan Soba Salad (NEW!), and Pizza Pasta Salad (NEW!).

You'll also LOVE taking a bite out of the Portobello "Bacon" Sandwich (NEW!), Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potato and so much more!

Szechuan Soba Salad

Individual Highlights

  • Portobello "Bacon" Burger (NEW!)
  • Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potato
  • Garden Salad Pizza ...
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Meet our Herbie of the Week: Sheri!

After being a vegetarian for 20 years, Sheri decided it was finally time to do something about her health and went plant-based.

At first she didn't have a strong support system, so she tried her best to eat as little processed food as possible and do the best she can.

Progress not perfection, right?

A couple years later, Sheri finally found the support she needed with a non-profit organization and has been ...

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Gene and I were first introduced through mutual friends. (Thanks Karen and Josh!)

I’d heard about Gene before and his farm sanctuary, but what impressed me most was how positive he is.

Despite all the cruel ugliness he has witnessed (rescued animals tend to come to the farm in bad shape), and being on the forefront of the vegan movement for more than 20 years, he’s still a blissful optimist.

AND he believes wholeheartedly in the HH mantra ...

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