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Barcelona is extraordinarily beautiful, but it was the energy in the city that I fell in love with.... There is just something about Barcelona that makes every cell in your body pulse and remind you that you are alive. in this moment. living.

I also went to heaven... foodie heaven. Barcelona's fresh market shames any other fresh market anywhere! The pictures don't even come close to bringing it justice.

Walking around the fresh market I spotted dragon fruit ...

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Zurich was my last city with Scott, Jim (my best friend) and his girlfriend. After Zurich, they all went home while I went on to Spain. 

The train ride through the Alps from Italy to Switzerland was beautiful.They're building a more direct route that will go through the mountain, rather than zig-zagging around it, so we all felt very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy this scenic train ride while you still can. 

As for ...

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The hills are alive!

I first found my way to Salzburg 5 yrs ago; it was an impromptu stopover during my travels and I had such a great time exploring that when we had some extra time on our hands (traveling between Innsbruck, Austria and Croatia) I quickly suggested a pit stop in Salzburg.

Jim, Bethany & Scott loved it---and I enjoyed revisiting! The city was totally alive... we stepped off the train and directly into a city-wide carnival.

 It ...

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It happened again. I'm in love. Ljubljana is a beautiful city full of life, culture and stunning sights. It's Europe's best kept secret and it feels wrong to spill the beans.

We stopped in Slovenia on our way to Venice (from Croatia) --- and all of us were surprised by how great this little city is. The life and feel of the city is intoxicating...rivirting... life changing. We truly couldn't get enough.

I will be recommending ...

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The fresh markets in Croatia will make your heart weep. That's the way produce should look and taste. I've never been in a heaven like this!

After gorging ourselves on fruits we'd never seen before and carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers so rich and vibrant we made room in our bellies to eat at Fork -- a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Rijecka.

All of us ordered the exact same plate---we just had to have it! Grilled vegetables plus tofu ...

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