Happy Herbivore in Europe: Salzburg

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

The hills are alive!

I first found my way to Salzburg 5 yrs ago; it was an impromptu stopover during my travels and I had such a great time exploring that when we had some extra time on our hands (traveling between Innsbruck, Austria and Croatia) I quickly suggested a pit stop in Salzburg.

Jim, Bethany & Scott loved it---and I enjoyed revisiting! The city was totally alive... we stepped off the train and directly into a city-wide carnival.

 It was amazing---what I love about random traveling. You never know what you're walking into!

We also found our way to a local veg restaurant! Lots of vegan goodness to go around!

I ordered the daily vegan special and Scott ordered vegan Schnitzel! Then we couldn't resist the vegan dessert of the day---a strawberry torte!

Perhaps the coolest part of our night--a local watering hole (aka beer house) in an old church basement!

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