Happy Herbivore in Europe: Slovenia

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

It happened again. I'm in love. Ljubljana is a beautiful city full of life, culture and stunning sights. It's Europe's best kept secret and it feels wrong to spill the beans.

We stopped in Slovenia on our way to Venice (from Croatia) --- and all of us were surprised by how great this little city is. The life and feel of the city is intoxicating...rivirting... life changing. We truly couldn't get enough.

I will be recommending this place time and time again as a "must see" and "must visit" place in Europe!

It also happened to be vegan friendly. Not only did they have two all veg restaurants, but most of the resturants had veg options and even cafes had things like vegan dessert, vegan ice cream and soy milk.

For lunch, we had veggie take-out sandwiches and vegan ice cream bars!

For dinner we stopped at a Tex Mex place (I know, Tex Mex in Slovenia? But I was hungry for Tacos!) I ordered a beautiful vegetable fajita dish that was divine. Scott ordered Verde Enchiladas. Both dishes contained cheese originally, but the restaurant was happy to leave it off and was diligent in answering our questions like -- are the beans vegan? do you cook the rice in chicken stock or vegetable broth?

Later in the night we stopped at a cafe along the river and did a little dance when we saw vegan ice cream on the menu! It was also fat-free and sugar-free! Sweetened naturally with fruit. The flavor? Black currant!

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