Happy Herbivore in Europe: Milan

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel

I have had pizza and salad in every Italian city I've visited. Cliche? perhaps... but I cannot get enough of the fresh vegetables!

Like Venice Milan gets a Veg stamp of approval too with lots of veg and vegan-friendly options on every menu.

Even a locals-only bar we stopped at offered a complementary platter (with drink order) that was vegetarian -- we sent the cheese back, but nomed on the olives, pickles, pearl onions and tomatoes!

I tried a local drink---it was pretty, very orange, but the jury is still out on that one. At least the park we hung out in was cool!

We also happened to land in Milan during Fashion Week. This was totally unplanned and although I'm not a total fashionista I enjoyed some of the festivities. Like standing all model-like on a green screen! huzzah! strike a pose, HH.

Interesting, there was a huge anti-fur, anti-leather, animal rights rally going on nearby and as soon as one of the activists walked up to give Scott & I propaganda I blurted out "we're vegan!" and the cute Italian boy smiled and said "wow!" It was a cool moment. I'm sure I made his day---it's not easy to be out there educating about the horrors of fashion and meat industries...

Oh, and I made a new friend.

and showed some cute Italian boys how to do a full wheel in the park:

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