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How to Keep Yourself from Becoming a "Vegan Snob" Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice Popular

The other day I received an email from Jenny* who wrote:

"I'm curious how do you keep yourself from becoming a 'vegan-snob'? I find myself getting more and more grossed out by people consuming animal products. I cringe in my mind, but don't say anything. Have you ever felt that way?"

Yes. A thousand times yes. I'm not ashamed to admit it. It was especially bad when I was new to eating a plant-based (vegan) diet. In ...

Why Herbie (The little elephant) & More Necklaces! Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Misc Popular

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my elephant -- what’s the story behind it?

I wish I had some amazing, profound story to share -- but it’s pretty boring: I like elephants.

tattoo of an elephant eating a green leaf on LIndsay's foot

Yep. That’s pretty much it.

When Scott & I were redesigning for the second time, we both agreed I needed some kind of logo. I wanted to use a herbivore for obvious reasons and my first suggestion was a turtle -- that is, until ...

I'm not 'vegan' anymore Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice Popular

I'm not vegan anymore.I'm a happy herbivore.

This is a post and a statement I've been thinking about writing for a while, and after the events of yesterday (both those on this blog and on the Facebook wall), I feel compelled to finally say it: you win, I'm out.

For the past five years that I've been "vegan" I've been told, repeatedly, I'm not vegan enough. 

No matter how hard I ...

What is Honey? The Vegan Debate (& My Beliefs) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: FAQ Popular

Earlier today I received an email from someone asking my opinion on honey and I thought I'd share my answer in a blog post. Honey, it seems, is a hot topic among vegans; one that's constantly debated, often with a good bit of fervor! 

That said, I don't know that there is a single answer or an answer that's suitable for everyone. My own feelings are complicated and conflicting, and I admit I'm a ...

Minimalist Monday: How to Cook without a Kitchen Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Minimalist Popular

Today's Minimalist Monday post is from our friend Genevieve. Her story (and apartment) is incredible. She lives in a 105 square foot apartment- with no kitchen, and cooks full meals on a hot plate. 

On Lindsay’s Cooking 1 Day a Week post someone left this comment:

“I live alone so it's easy for me. I also simplify it more because I eat the same thing for lunch and dinner for a week at a time. I ...


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