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Happy Herbivore and my birthday often seem to conspire to do something marvelous together.

On my 28th birthday, my first cookbook, The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, went off to the printer.

On my 31st birthday, I found out I'd crossed a landmark: I'd sold 100,000 cookbooks.

(As of this last June, the count was up to 150,000!!).

I wonder what today will hold :)

Then again, I think the Happy Herbivore + Birthday conspiracy skips every few years ...

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I've been keeping a secret from you... a big secret. (I really don't know how I kept my mouth shut for so long!)

For ages, you've been asking me when I was going to have my own show on the Food Network... 

And I'll be honest: I just don't think we're going to see a vegan show or healthy fare on the Food Network anytime soon (but I'd love to be wrong ...

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In June, I cooked dinner for my friends at Forks Over Knives

I pulled a few recipes from my upcoming cookbook, Happy Herbivore Light & Lean

I made Lentil Sloppy Joes (served over toasted, sprouted bread "open face" style), with sweet potato salad and kale slaw. 

For dessert, I made a surprise cake.

The verdict? Everyone loved it. We didn't have any food left! Everyone went for seconds and thirds :) 

My only complaint? I didn ...

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Happy Herbivore Abroad has been busy on tour — visiting more than 30 blogs in December. Here's a list of all the places the book stopped at. Each blogger interviewed me, and there were some really great questions! Check them out! 

Ashley from It All Started in 6th Grade
Ami from Plant Based Adventures
Vala from Single Childfree Me
Jacqueline from Barefoot Essence
Molly from S/V Stella Blue
Karen from Ready Set Green Diet
Winnie from Lettuce Free ...
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Would you like to sample 14 recipes from my new cookbook and get Happy Herbivore Abroad in NOVEMBER instead of December?

You can!

Here's me opening the BLAD on Facebook:

Rumor also has it that preorders are going to ship a month early, so instead of waiting by the mailbox on December 4th, you can wait by the mailbox on November 4th! (Just 3 weeks away!!) You have to preorder to get the book early, however.

(By the way, both  ...

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