Get 14 Recipes from my New Book: Happy Herbivore Abroad NOW and Get the Book a Month Early!

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Would you like to sample 14 recipes from my new cookbook and get Happy Herbivore Abroad in NOVEMBER instead of December?

You can!

Here's me opening the BLAD on Facebook:

Rumor also has it that preorders are going to ship a month early, so instead of waiting by the mailbox on December 4th, you can wait by the mailbox on November 4th! (Just 3 weeks away!!) You have to preorder to get the book early, however.

(By the way, both HHC and EHH sold out within 24 hours, so you want to preorder just to make sure you'll get a copy!) Preorder also ensures you'll get the lowest price! 

And the best part? You'll help me become a New York Times bestseller. My super dream. Help a Herbie out ;) Preorder HHA now!

You can also pre-order it on Barnes & Noble here and get the recipes!

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