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Portobello Steaks Recipe (Video)

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About a year ago I was on Dr. Oz cooking up these Portobello Steaks.

I still had all the video shots I took for Dr. Oz on my computer and I've been meaning to put them on Youtube for... well.. a year. (Oops). 

(I'm terrible about never getting around to things when I have the mentality "when I get around to it." I ...

How to Cook & Prep Collard Greens 101 (Video!)

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Another quick video teaser leading up to the Happy Herbivore Cooking Show! (deets of the show here).

I'm still in the filming stages of the new show but in the meantime I've been plowing through all the old videos I taped last winter. :) 

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Here's the latest: how to prep and cook collard greens! 

Here's a list of HH recipes ...

The Evolution of Perfected Fat-Free, Whole-Wheat Vegan Biscuits (Recipe) + How-To Video

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If you've been reading this blog for awhile (or cooking from my cookbooks!), this probably won't surprise you, but — I love biscuits.

They're great for breakfast, packed into your lunch, on the table with dinner, or slathered with a little jam for a snack. 

American-style biscuits are just so easy and they always add a little something extra to any meal. (The ...

How to Make Fat-Free Crunchy Taco Shells and Mini Taco Bowls from Corn Tortillas

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Happy Nat'l Taco Day! 

Mexican food was one of those things I found a deep love for much later in life. Growing up, I didn't eat a lot of Mexican cuisine, except for bean burritos at Taco Bell during high school. (All the cool kids skipped their lunch hour to go to Taco Bell, didn't you know ;) lol).

I'm pretty sure ...

How to Make Oil-Free Baked Corn Chips (Healthy Corn Chips Recipe), Plus VIDEO

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I love nachos and I love (love!) salsa. Really, the corn chip is just my vehicle for getting salsa and HH nacho cheese into my mouth. (Who am I trying to kid?) 

What I don't love, however, is that all the corn chips at the store — even the "baked" ones — are loaded with oil. Many more are so salty that after eating a few ...