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HH's First Kitchen

Posted by: Andrea Dermos |

Category: Advice

Yesterday we showed you Genevieve's amazing kitchen story- she's truly a minimalist! Today, I thought I'd post a throw back picture...Lindsay's kitchen in New York that she wrote The Happy Herbivore Cookbook in. New York apartments rarely have "nice" kitchens- the kitchen always seems to be an after thought, sometimes it's even just one wall built into the living room!

Most of the recipes in the cookbook were created in this nook! Scott and Lindsay moved to a different apartment in the same building where the rest of the recipes were created.

Still tiny, but a little more counter space?

It just goes to show that a humble kitchen can still produce great results! 

Top 5 Dishes For Date Night

Posted by: Andrea Dermos |

Category: Holiday

We're always getting questions about what to cook for people who aren't vegan- specifically, what to cook for your significant other or a date! When you want to impress a date with a vegan meal, try one of these options:

Teriyaki Chickpeas (p. 127)- for a special touch, make these with homemade salsa! 

Instant Vegan Alfredo  (p. 163)- a classic Italian dinner, only healthier, and they'll never know it!

Oyster Mushroom Scampi
Chicken-style Seitan (p. 142) with savory herb green beans, Thanksgiving gravy and mashed potatoes. Total comfort food!

 Portobello Steaks, (p. 148) with grilled vegetables  

For dessert: Cheesecake, of course!

Happy Herbivore in Europe: Salzburg

Posted by: Lindsay S. Nixon |

Category: Travel

The hills are alive!

I first found my way to Salzburg 5 yrs ago; it was an impromptu stopover during my travels and I had such a great time exploring that when we had some extra time on our hands (traveling between Innsbruck, Austria and Croatia) I quickly suggested a pit stop in Salzburg.

Jim, Bethany & Scott loved it---and I enjoyed revisiting! The city was totally alive... we stepped off the train and directly into a city-wide carnival.

 It was amazing---what I love about random traveling. You never know what you're walking into!

We also found our way to a local veg restaurant! Lots of vegan goodness to go around!

I ordered the daily vegan special and Scott ordered vegan Schnitzel! Then we couldn't resist the vegan dessert of the day---a strawberry torte!

Perhaps the coolest part of our night--a local watering hole (aka beer house) in an old church basement!