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Ohmigosh!I have so much to tell you -- and so many pictures to share -- from this crazy, but wonderful weekend!

For starters,I met T. Colin Campbell, for real. I not only got to sit next to him at dinner, I sat next to him all day yesterday! I'm still swooning. 

At one point my mom said the camera was on the crowd (HTLA was live, online), and there Dr. Campbell & I were, talking, my hands going ...

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HTLA will be streaming live all day here

The entire event runs from 9 to 5 (pacific time) but I'll come on around 3:45pm (6:45 EST)

I'll be making HH's chocolate zucchini muffins, carrot cake cupcakes with maple icing and the "instant" cookie dough from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook!

I hope you can tune in!

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When I touched down in LA yesterday, my phone started buzzing like crazy. I almost screamed when I opened a message from my friend that said, "OMG Lindsay! You're in the NYT!"

In fact, I can't believe I didn't scream or jump on someone --- I guess being on a plane helps me react a little better in public! Anyway here is a link to the NY Times article if you didn't catch it yesterday and you ...

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My last day in NYC involved prepping for our move --- and finding a whole new meaning to the word "minimalist" (more on that later)

but! before Scott & the pugs started their long voyage to Colorado (I couldn't join the fun--headed to LA tomorrow) we stopped at Foodswings in Brooklyn and I actually remembered to take pictures. Woot!

Scott enjoying a vegan corn dog (in our new car!)

My delicious veggie burger, which they happily made without oil for ...

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I'm home in NYC, albeit for a very short time (I arrived late Tuesday night and leave early tomorrow morning). 

Yesterday was monopolized with running errands -- like getting a cell phone. I can't believe I went an entire year without a cell phone. Part of me, the minimalist, didn't want to get one but another part of me couldn't resist. 

I joked and said "I've returned to the land of the living!"

After ...

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