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We're closing in on Father's Day and continuing this week's focus on the awesome plant-based men in our community! This is the second part in my interviews with these fantastic plant-based fellas, who share their experiences so honestly (you didn't miss Part 1, did you?). 

[Editorial Note: The years behind each name indicate how long the guy has been plant-based. For those who were vegetarian before vegan, I combined for a total number of years ...

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Father's Day is coming up, and as I mentioned in my Dad's guest post a couple of days ago, we are featuring the awesome plant-based/vegan guys out there this week. 

I always find it interesting that people don't ask if Scott (my husband) is vegan/plant-based... they just assume he isn't.

"What?" eyes popping out of their head, "Your husband is vegan too?" Some will even say things like, "Are you sure?" and ask ...

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In honor of Mother's Day, this week I'm having a three-part series on raising vegan kiddos. As a Daddy's girl, I want to say I know that Dads are great parents too and like many moms, some dads do it alone (kudos to all the parents out there!). I opted to run this series this week because most of the people who ask me about raising vegan kids, breast-feeding and vegan pregnancy are usually mamas :)

Since I ...

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