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Herbie of the Week: Lynne (She Beat PCOS & Infertility!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Herbies

Meet our Herbie of the Week, Lynne!

I first came in contact with Lynne when she emailed me about Katharine's Minimalist Monday post on downsizing and decluttering. Not only did she tell me about how she makes a conscious effort to limit toys and clothes, but she also shared her and her family's incredible story.

Lynne discovered she had PCOS after years of non-existent periods. Her fertility doctor urged her to switch to a whole foods, plant-based diet ...

Herbie of the Week: Erin (She No Longer Suffers From Chronic Pain!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Herbies

Around Thanksgiving I asked Herbies on Facebook to share their experiences with going plant-based (you can read some the responses here).

Erin was one of the many of commenters, and I was blown away by her post:

"I have NEVER felt better. I've lost 37 pounds and I've gone from wearing a (tight fitting) size 8/10 to a size 2! The arthritis in my hips and back has almost nearly diminished--Before, when I was a meat-eater and ...

Herbie of the Week: Rose (She's Lost 40lbs & Lowered Her Cholesterol In Less Than A Year!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Herbies

Meet our Herbie of the Week: Rose!

Even though she always considered herself to be a healthy, "non-thin" person, Rose was SHOCKED to see the results of her blood work before turning 50. Her fasting glucose was at the top of the acceptable range and her cholesterol was 284.

Rose's doctor urged her to see a cardiologist and wanted to put her on medication immediately, but she was reluctant to do so. Luckily, serendipity stepped in and Rose started ...

Herbies of the Week: Mama & Papa Herbivore (2 Years Plant-Proud!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Herbies

On January 19, 2012 my Dad had a heart attack. The following day he and my Mom both went plant-based. (I posted this on Facebook earlier this week and they were SO incredibly touched by all your kind words!)

To celebrate their plantiversary, I asked Mama and Papa Herbivore to give you all an update on how things are going now that they're two years plant-proud. (You can read about their first year of being plant-based here.)

Here's ...

Herbie of the Week: Kate M. Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Herbies

I had the pleasure of meeting our Herbie of the Week when I spoke at the Herbivore in the Hills event in Athens, OH. A few weeks after the event, Kate sent in the following email and I knew I had to interview her as part of the series!

I wanted to share my story, I am fortunate to have the medical professionals I work with put together symptoms and lab work I've had over the past several ...


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