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Educating Your Community on a Plant-Based Diet (Guest Post by Aurora!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Guests

A big question I get via email is how one can spread the Herbie love. Specifically, how can they talk to others about living the plant-based lifestyle and without being preachy or overbearing.

I talk a lot about outreach (and how to tailor your message so your hearer hears it) in my new book, The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living, but today Aurora is sharing HER experience with outreach in her community.

Remember: You can lead a horse …

Transitioning Kids to a Plant-Based Diet (Guest post by Nicolien!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Guests

I'm always getting emails and questions on Facebook from parents asking how they can transition their kids to eating a plant-based diet.

Even though I cover this (and much more!) in The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living, I thought it would be great for parents to hear from a Herbie mama out in the trenches.

That's why I asked Nicolien to guest post on the blog today! Not only is she from Belgium, but she's also a mother …

Every Life Matters (Guest Post by Jules) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Guests

Earlier this summer I wrote a blog post asking if my "progress not perfection" mantra was wrong (you can read it here).

A day later, a friend of mine sent me a thread from a vegan forum that bashed the post, with one commenter saying: "I have to disagree about 2% being 'great.' No, it's not. Doesn't really save any animals or improve health."

I wanted to sort of publicly respond and ask other Herbies' thoughts, …

How to Get What You Want Through Hard Work & Determination (Guest Post by HH Team Member Jamee!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Guests

Over the years I've blogged numerous times about getting what you want, especially when it comes to pursuing something you love. (If you want to learn more about how to follow your dreams and live your passion, I cover this in detail in my second minimalist book, Zen Life.)

Since I've already shared my story, I've asked HH intern turned team member, Jamee, to write about how she got the job she wanted through hard work and determination. (If …

Plant-Based (Vegan) on a Cruise (Guest post by Stephanie!) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Travel Guests

It's summer, which means many herbies will be packing their bags and hitting the road, sky, or sea (for travel tips and help, there's a huge (HUGE!) section in The Happy Herbivore Guide to Plant-Based Living).

Cruises are always a popular vacation choice, especially this time of year. Scott and I actually went on a cruise back in 2007. I made sure to contact the cruise ahead of our trip to tell them about our dietary restrictions and they …


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