Minimalist Monday Books Series

Your house is not a storage facility.

"I don’t purport to have all the answers. This isn’t the book on minimalism, and it’s safe to say I’m not the best example of a minimalist because I still have work to do. I’m still on my own minimalist journey, and I think minimalism is just that — a journey. I refuse to believe there is a one size fits all definition for minimalism."


Read your book. Love it. I had already brought three car loads of stuff to goodwill prior to the book. Your blogs are inspiring on minimalism. Went back to goodwill today after reading your book. Will go again tomorrow with another car load. It is freeing to get rid of things. I may get to sweep the basement after it's all done. Woohoo.
— Jade Permenter via Facebook

A few weeks ago I sent two of my daughters plane tickets to come to Ohio to help me start to de-clutter. One was from California, the other from Arkansaa. I was finally ready to let go of THINGS! I had read your books. My spice drawer is alos organized. 250 books wend to our library, 2 bags of magazines to my beauty shop, 184 dollars of rolled coins into my savings account, numerous boxes and bags of STUF for a sale in the near future. I will soon be 86 and knew I needed to get rid of STUFF. My girls and I had a good time. They promised to come back and help me tackel the basement. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
— Mary Bolton via Email