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My Transition to Whole Foods Posted by:Courtney Hardy Category: Advice

Hi Herbies. It's Courtney again. I thought I would write a post on how I went from just being plant-based to eating whole, fresh foods. Since Lindsay has been away all weekend & we just got over 2 feet of snow, hopefully she is too busy snowboarding to see this and see how much processed foods I was eating before (I doubt it though).

I was a processed plant-based food junkie. While making the switch to a plant based ...

Build Them Up (Why I'm not a Skinny Bitch) Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice

I admit, the book Skinny Bitch was an integral part of why I adopted a plant-based diet. I was newly plant-based when I read the book and if I'm completely honest with myself, it helped me stay plant-based -- it solidified my choice and gave me more reasons to do what I was doing. 

The book, however, had far-reaching effects -- well beyond helping me stay committed to my new lifestyle. I became a "bitch." In the first year I ...

Combating Anecdotal Evidence Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice FAQ Minimalist

I recently attended a vegan night at my local library. The club had reviewed various vegan cookbooks and brought dishes in. One woman brought a dish in that included bacon and cheese, and when I politely declined, she got angry.

"What this isn't vegan enough for you?" she griped. I said, "well it isn't vegan at all, but I don't eat bacon or cheese, sorry."

She got deeply offended (not my intention) and laid into me about ...

Begone Negativity, Focus on the Positive Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice FAQ Minimalist

We're having a "challenge" at HH HQ! This week we can only discussgood things with each other; we're making an effort to focus on the positives and in the event something negative happens, we have to find the silver lining -- we have to find a positive in the negative.

For example, if we get a customer service complaint, we can't focus on the negativity, rather we must be thankful for the feedback that allows us to ...

That Wake-Up Call Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Advice

I've been interviewing Herbies each Wednesday here on the blog; sharing stores of those who have radically changed their health through diet and all of them, somewhere in their stories, point to an event saying, "that was my wake-up call."

I certainly had that experience myself -- I had a health scare in my early 20's that threw me deep into reality that I was not invincible after all. I realized I needed to make serious lifestyle changes and ...


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