Indian Recipes: Vegan Red Lentil Dal, Saag & Aloo Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon Category: Recipe

Red Lentil Dal is my favorite Indian dish (you can find the recipe by clicking the "recipe" tab on the navigation bar) -- pair it with Saag and brown or basatami rice for a more complete meal.


Whole Wheat Bagel Recipe Posted by:Scott Nixon Category: Recipe

There are a few things I'm really picky about, but if I ever compiled a list, bagels would be at the top. Blame it all on New York City and the bagels I grew up eating. During my childhood I couldn't get enough of blueberry and strawberry bagels but for whatever reason I switched to cinnamon raisin bagels in my teens. Now that I'm a health-conscious adult, I opt for whole wheat bagels though I due spurge on a pumpernickel …


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