Vcon: Snobby Joes

Posted by:Lindsay S. Nixon
This recipe is the sole reason I bought Veganomicon and when I met Isa, I praised her for creating a recipe that made me try lentils. Thanks to Isa, I'm now a lentil lover for life. We follow the recipe to a T, except that I saute in broth instead of oil and only use 2 tbsp of chili powder. For some reason, "sloppy joes" are a 'summer food' to me. Probably because they were often served to the kids at my birthday parties, which is at the end of summer. With summer sadly coming to an end, I had the urge to make snobby joes for dinner and as always they did not disappoint!vcon snobby joesScott & I like to eat them open face with a fork. It's not any less sloppy, but we like that we're getting more sloppy joes than bun with each bite. I served our snoppy joes atop toasted whole wheat buns but toasted sprouted multi-grain buns are another favorite.

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