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Eating Vegan on the Road

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I'm always getting questions about how I stay plant-based (vegan) on vacation or when I'm traveling. 

Since I adopted a plant-based diet, I've driven across the United States twice and spent an entire month backpacking across Europe. I also travel quite frequently... 

So what's my secret? patience. Not that I have a lot of that to begin with... but yes, patience ...

The Last Stop: Happy Herbivore in Seville

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Seville, Spain was one the cities I enjoyed most on my last trip through Europe, so I'd planned to end this trip there (save the best for last?). 

Unfortunately, it was my first day in Seville that I ended up with food poisoning, but despite that whole debacle, I was still able to enjoy the city between naps and trips to the bathroom!

The ...

Happy Herbivore in Madrid

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From Barcelona I headed south to Madrid. Madrid is such a pretty city. It's picture perfect. Every building is exquisite with that architecture Spain is known for. 

and how cool is this street??

I also decided to try paella, a signature dish of Spain. I ordered the vegetarian version (a.k.a. vegetable paella). 

Lucky for me, I happened to also meet another American ...

Happy Herbivore in Barcelona

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Barcelona is extraordinarily beautiful, but it was the energy in the city that I fell in love with.... There is just something about Barcelona that makes every cell in your body pulse and remind you that you are alive. in this moment. living.

I also went to heaven... foodie heaven. Barcelona's fresh market shames any other fresh market anywhere! The pictures don't even ...

Happy Herbivore in Switzerland

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Zurich was my last city with Scott, Jim (my best friend) and his girlfriend. After Zurich, they all went home while I went on to Spain. 

The train ride through the Alps from Italy to Switzerland was beautiful. They're building a more direct route that will go through the mountain, rather than zig-zagging around it, so we all felt very lucky to have the ...