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A Day at HH

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I have been working for HH for about 6 weeks now, and I've had several Herbies asking what is it like to work with/for Lindsay.

Working here is everything I expected and more. I knew it would mean long hours and 8 (I mean 7) days a week, but it has been very fulfilling.

One of the requirements that Lindsay told me when ...

Email From a Herbie (Ending the Week on a Positive Note)

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I received this email from a Herbie, and wanted to share it because I loved the message about letting people live in your head. 

At first I just shared the quote on Facebook, but then realized it's even more powerful when you read it in context. Even though this message was written to me specifically, I think we can all relate to it. The ...

Doctors, Lawyers, and Our Health - Part 2

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Earlier today I posted my story about being a lawyer practicing medmal defense (medical malpractice defense). Below is my friend Natala's story, giving the "patients perspective."

I started having health problems around the age of 11 when I gained almost 100 pounds in one year. Every doctor told my parents that I needed to just eat less, move more, the same old story.

Fast ...

Doctors, Lawyers, and Our Health - Part 1

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This is a 2-part post I wrote with my friend Natala about doctors and our health. Below is my view, as a lawyer, and this afternoon you can read Natala's view, as a patient.

When I still practiced as a lawyer, I did medmal defense (medical malpractice defense). The law firm I worked for represented doctors who'd been sued by their patients. Since ...

The Last Heart Attack Recap & Video

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The world seems to be buzzing about CNN's documentary, The Last Heart Attack. If you missed it last night, you can watch it online here.

Too busy to watch? Here are the key points & great quotes:

- Plant-based eating shows great promise for turning around our self-made health care crisis. Change your diet, save your life.

- In the United States, the sicker patient with heart ...