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Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

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Hi guys! It's Andrea :) Usually on Monday mornings, you would find a Minimalist Monday post from Lindsay on the blog...BUT, today is Lindsay's 31st birthday, so we told her to take the day off and celebrate!

These guys also wanted to sing a special Happy Birthday. And the video features a new vegan, Rosie!

I know, sometimes we're silly here at ...

Taste the Rainbow

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They say there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, and metaphorically that is true. Eating a rainbow of colors on a plate will help us get the most nutrients everyday, and give us health as our 'pot of gold.'

While the rainbow has seven colors, foods can be grouped into 5 basic colors, red, orange/yellow, green, blue/violet, and ...

Are you on Pinterest and/or Instagram?

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Pinterest has been all the rage lately and I'm sorry to say that I was late to the party. Actually, if it weren't for my sister I might still not be using it!

Actually, not really late, I've had a pinterest account for a while. It's just that I never really used it, until my sister got hers and feel in ...

Why Herbie (The little elephant) & More Necklaces!

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my elephant -- what’s the story behind it?

I wish I had some amazing, profound story to share -- but it’s pretty boring: I like elephants.

tattoo of an elephant eating a green leaf on LIndsay's foot

Yep. That’s pretty much it.

When Scott & I were redesigning for the second time, we both agreed I needed some kind of logo. I wanted to use ...

Yes, My Dogs are Vegan

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A while ago I posted about how my whole family is vegan, including my dogs. All of the vets I have gone to have always been supportive, with one saying she would recommend it more if she thought more owners would be open to the idea.

A vegan diet may not be suitable for all dogs, but it can be for some, particularly senior dogs ...