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Minimalist Monday: I Have A Dream

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I think speeches -- quotes -- are a lot like art. We see in them what we want to see, what we need to see.

This was something I came to appreciate during my rhetoric course in college. (We spent the semester reviewing and analyzing famous speeches. It was fascinating!)

When we came to study Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, I remember ...

Minimalist Monday: Stop Complaining (Complaining is Not a Conversation)

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Before I jump into today's post, a quick reminder that I'm hosting a virtual minimalist challenge (party) on 2/1! (Click the link for details).

As of yesterday there were over 500 participants signed up on FB! YEAH!

I'm super stoked about our party, but also about today's mini-challenge!

(p.s. If you can't join our little declutter par-tay (maybe ...

Minimalist Virtual Party Challenge + Minimalist Book!

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So much news! I don't know where to start!

1) By popular demand I'm writing a minimalist book! It'll be here in February! (pre-order here and get the pre-order discount). (*I'm writing three total, the first one, about creating a zen home will be here in Feb.)

About the book:

I started writing about my projects on my blog under the ...

Minimalist Monday: Less Really is More (Get What You Want)

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My sister is my financial advisor. If you need to squeeze quarters out of pennies, Courtney knows how to do it. By looking at her year end account statement last year, she realized she could pay off all her student debt 6 years early by simply getting rid of cable TV for a year. She's that good.

Anyway, my sister, during one of our ...

Minimalist Monday: Writing Your Life Mission Statement

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Today's blog post piggybacks off a topic I talked about with the students in my business class (you can read all past newsletters here).

That post is all about business, but so often what we do in business mirrors our life, and vice versa.

Mission statements aren't just for businesses, and with a new year just around the corner, now is the perfect ...