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Minimalist Monday: Cooking Short Cuts

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I'm always looking for ways to shrink my time in the kitchen during the week. (I almost feel bad admitting that as a cookbook author. almost!)

Truth is, my household is not too unlike yours. I work all day and then around 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. Scott comes home from work with a hungry monster in his belly. I'm usually ...

Too Many Choices (When the World Really Is Your Oyster)

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A year ago Scott came home from work and told me he'd been transferred to St. Maarten, and we were moving to the Caribbean.

From the beginning we knew it was temporary, a one-year assignment. We'd assumed after the year was up we'd be transferred back to New York City or to some other property owned by Scott's employer. 

Then, just ...

Minimalist Monday: How to Cook without a Kitchen

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Today's Minimalist Monday post is from our friend Genevieve. Her story (and apartment) is incredible. She lives in a 105 square foot apartment- with no kitchen, and cooks full meals on a hot plate. 

On Lindsay’s Cooking 1 Day a Week post someone left this comment:

“I live alone so it's easy for me. I also simplify it more because I eat ...

Minimalist Monday: Kitchen Essentials

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I like gadgets, don't get me wrong --- I look at an avocado peeler and think "that is so cool!" even though I don't have the need, space or budget for one. Sure it's only $10, but that $10 could be better spent...

Point is, I think people often get caught up in thinking they need fancy tools and gadgets to cook or ...

Minimalist Monday: Making Life Changes

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While Lindsay is traveling, we have a guest post about making positive life changes and the journey to a minimalist lifestyle. Enjoy!

Hi All! I'm so excited to be featured here on HH and share my journey with you about how living a minimalist lifestyle has changed my life for the better.

In my mind, any story related to minimalism and materialism has to ...