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Minimalist Monday: Kitchen Essentials

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I like gadgets, don't get me wrong --- I look at an avocado peeler and think "that is so cool!" even though I don't have the need, space or budget for one. Sure it's only $10, but that $10 could be better spent...

Point is, I think people often get caught up in thinking they need fancy tools and gadgets to cook or ...

Minimalist Monday: Making Life Changes

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While Lindsay is traveling, we have a guest post about making positive life changes and the journey to a minimalist lifestyle. Enjoy!

Hi All! I'm so excited to be featured here on HH and share my journey with you about how living a minimalist lifestyle has changed my life for the better.

In my mind, any story related to minimalism and materialism has to ...

Minimalist Monday: Sticking to a Color Palette (When Traveling and Beyond)

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The idea of living out of a backpack for a month was something I had to warm up too the first time I backpacked through Europe (in 2006). I remember when my pack came in the mail; I ripped open the packaging and then just starred at it. It was even smaller than I imagined.

You have to understand something about me: I was the ...

Minimalist Monday: Removing Toxic People, Unhealthy Relationships

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I'm looking for less stress and more happiness. That's what led me down this minimalist past. I had this awakening--realization that I'm a happy person by nature. I start my day with a glass full of happiness and it's the outside world that drinks it up. I realized if I want to be happier, I must to protect my glass and ...

Minimalist Monday: Closet Organization & Rainbows

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When I organized my pantry, I knew the closet was something I'd have to tackle as part of my minimalist journey. I don't know why I'd put it off... I just did... but then this weekend, I was finally motivated. 

(Embarrassing & Painful) Before pictures:

Yikes! We don't even have a lot of clothes... how did it get so nuts?! 

When tackling ...